How to Register Complaint with DOT against Offensive WhatsApp Messages

Here we share How to Register Complaint with DoT against Offensive WhatsApp Messages. WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most important modes of communication for most. Billions of peoples use WhatsApp daily to communicate with friends and family or for Business purposes. Many people receiving abusive or offensive messages but upon complaint, WhatsApp banned the number. Now it’s DOT (Department of Telecom) who steps forward accept a complaint against offensive WhatsApp Messages.

Recently lots of journalists and public figures receiving abusive, offensive and life-threatening messages on WhatsApp. Upon considering recent activities on WhatsApp DOT taken this decision and People can now file a complaint with the DOT against offensive messages received on WhatsApp.

“If anyone is receiving abusive/offensive/death threats/ vulgar WhatsApp messages, please send screenshots of the message along with the mobile numbers at [email protected]” telecom department’s controller of communications Ashish Joshi said in a tweet.  “We will take it up with the telecom operators and police heads for necessary action.” He added.

In an order on February 19, DOT said that license conditions bar carriage of objectionable, obscene or unauthorized content in any form on the network. The order directed all telecom service providers to take immediate action against their customers for sending such messages as it is also a violation of customer declaration in the customer application form

They also suggested telecom operators to open a helpline or dedicated call center to receive complaints against such messages.

How to Register Complaint with DoT against Offensive WhatsApp Messages

To Register DOT Complaint against WhatsApp Messages, the victim just needs to provide a screenshot of the message along with the mobile number and e-mail it to [email protected]. After sending the mail to DOT, they verify and take the necessary action against the offender.

We appreciate the decision and users who frequently get threats or abuse should definitely Register Complaint with DoT against Offensive WhatsApp Messages. Let me know what you think about the decision in the comment section.


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