Android20 Best Magisk Modules to Use in 2021

20 Best Magisk Modules to Use in 2021

Magisk is one of the most trusted solutions to gain Root access without modifying the system partition. Magisk not only provides root access but also lets you access the banking apps without tripping the SafetyNet and let you install different modules to customize your device. There are different modules for different needs. With plenty of options to choose from, here we share the 20 best Magisk modules to get you started.

Magisk Modules are designed to tweak, enhance, or add some functionality to your device. Some modules focus to enhance your device performance and some of them are on customizing the ROM. We share all essential Magisk Modules from small tweaks like changing the emojis or Gboard themes to installing high-level audio mods or Xposed Framework.

20 Best Magisk Modules to Use

There are plenty of modules available but we share the 20 must-have Magisk Modules for you. To Install these Magisk Modules your device must be rooted with Magisk. Also, check How to Install Magisk Modules on your device. Here are the Best Magisk Modules.

1) Pix3lify (Pixel Experience)


Pixel Experience or Pix3lify module brings Google Pixel looks, feel, and functionality to any Android device. Most of the files are extracted from Pixel 3 XL Factory images and compiled in a single Magisk module. This module works on any device running on Nougat and above.

Pix3lify Magisk Module brings Different Pixel Launcher choices, Digital Wellbeing in the Settings app, Google Sans Font, Pixel alarms/media/ringtones/UI sounds, Google Assistant Enabler, EIS Support, Camera2API, Support, Night Light Support, Pixel Accent Colors, and Google Live Earth + Live Data and Pixel exclusive wallpapers.

2) Google Framework

Google Framework Magisk

Some of the Google Apps like a Phone app or Dialer apps are exclusive for Google Pixel devices. Google Framework Magisk Module injects Google’s Core Framework on your device which allows you to download and install the Google Apps on your device. Google Framework Module also adds Google Face Unlock to any ARM64 device.

3) App Systemizer

App Systemizer

App Systemizer Magisk Module allows the installation of third-party applications as system apps. The system app won’t be uninstalled easily so you get an extra layer of protection for security apps by converting the app to a system app. These apps will update automatically as usual through the Play Store. Another benefit of systemizing the user-installed apps is that if you uninstall magisk, your settings for the apps will be retained.

4) Greenify4Magisk


The Greenify4Magisk Magisk Module adds Greenify as a privileged app to achieve a faster and better hibernation performance systemlessly. Greenify maximizes your battery life by hibernating the background apps automatically when you aren’t using them.

The app works on both rooted and non-rooted devices, but the rooted phones get some advanced features and better hibernation. If you are concern about your device’s battery life, you must try the Greenify4Magisk module.

5) Viper4Android

Viper4Android Magisk Module

Viper4Android is one of the best sound equalizers or mods available for Android devices. It lets you increase your phone’s maximum volume and improve the audio performance of your device’s speaker, Bluetooth speaker, or headset and even let you create your own profile.

The Viper4Android Magisk Module enhances the audio performance even more and gives a user full control over their audio outputs, boosts the bass, and adding clarity with features such as ViPER Clarity and XHiFi technology.

6) Camer2API Enabler

Camer2API Enabler

Camer2API Enabler is one of the best Magisk Modules available out there. Google’s modded camera app brings some awesome features like HDR+ mode, Night mode, and Portrait mode. To make the modded Google camera works, you need Camera2API on your device.

Camer2API Enabler Magisk Module is the easiest way to enable the Camer2API on your device. The modded Google Camera app differs from the play store version and you won’t find it in Play Store.

7) Volume Steps Increase

Volume Steps Increase

By default, there are 15 steps to control the volume on your device between silent and maximum loudness. With Volume Steps Increase Magisk Module you can doubles the number of steps to 30 in volume adjustment for both media and in-call volume.

8) iOS Emojis

iOS Emojis

iOS Emojis Magisk Module is a simple module that replaces the built-in emoji TTF file with the iOS Emojis TTF file. The developer extracted the pngs from the latest AppleColorEmoji.TTF file and has built a font that works on Android and compiles them to create Unicode 11 based iOS emojis.

9) Google DNS

Google DNS Magisk Module

Google DNS Magisk Module makes your device use Google’s DNS servers instead of the one provided by the ISP. Google Public DNS over TLS now available on Android 9 Pie and can be found Private DNS setting in network settings. For the older device, you use this magisk module to Enable Google DNS instead of default ISP.

10) GBoard Themes

Gboard Themes Magisk Module

The themes available for Gboard are very limited and seem to be more focused on color variations than anything else. With Gboard Themes Magisk Module, a user can add lots of different themes from a different device and make the keyboard look like the keyboards used on the Poco F1, Razer Phone, and more.

11) YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced Magisk

YouTube Vanced is the most popular modded version of YouTube. It contains a lot of features like Ad Blocking, Background Playback, and many more. The app also includes functionality not seen in the official Youtube app, such as PiP (Picture in Picture) mode and background video playback while the screen is locked.YouTube Vanced Magisk Module replaces the Official Youtube app with Youtube Vanced.

12) Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework Magisk Module

Xposed is a very popular modding tool that brings small mods to customize your device. It brings all customization and features you found on a custom ROM to your Stock ROM. Xposed Framework Magisk Module brings the unified systemless Xposed Framework to Android devices.

13) GPU Turbo Boost

GPU Turbo Boost

GPU Turbo Boost Magisk Module increases the phone’s GPU power by up to 75% but at the same time reduces power consumption by up to 25% seamlessly. Also, this module increases gaming experience, video acceleration, performance tuning, graphics boost, and triggers GPU/CPU to boost your device to the highest level. If you are a gamer you must try the GPU Turbo Boost Magisk Module.

14) Tethering enabler

Tethering enabler

Tethering enabler Magisk Module enables tethering on phones where it’s been disabled by the manufacturer/provider. Some OEMs or carriers in the US or other countries block the Tethering option to share your mobile data with other devices and users. Tethering enabler Magisk Module enables USB as well as WiFi tethering on their devices.

15) Debloater


Debloater Magisk Module lets you Debloat your phone Systemlessly. Most OEMs include a slew of bloatware or useless system apps that are useless and cannot be removed. Debloater creates a UI in Terminal emulator within the Magisk module to Customize the uninstallation of a system app.

16) Android Mic Fix

Android Mic Fix

Android Mic Fix Magisk Module Fixes in call low volume mic issues for various Android devices. It can also fix the “Ok Google” detection. The module uses the tool “resetprop” to modify the build. prop default values. This can be useful if you are facing low volume or mic issues on your device.

17) QuickSwitch


QuickSwitch Magisk Module enables Android Pie recent apps on supported third-party launchers. The module allows the user to choose which launcher has access to quickstep (Pie recent) and detects which installed launchers are capable of being the recent provider.

18) G-VisualMod


G-Visualmod allows you to adjust the UI roundness, the height of the status bar, padding, notification padding, pill thickness, color, and transparency. You can also change the immersive mode and full-screen mode, as well as use the Notchkiller feature. It also includes the option to adjust the MIUI status bar bottom padding, which has been a source of annoyance for many Xiaomi users for a long time.

19) Energized Protection

Energized Protection

Do you get annoyed when you visit websites or use low-quality apps and see a lot of terrible adverts, spyware, and other things? Energized Protection will eliminate any adware and spyware from your device, ensuring that you will not see any annoying advertisements. Ads of poor quality degrade the user experience; never allow this to happen again.

20) L Speed

L Speed

This module will provide you with excellent battery life and performance, particularly if you are a gamer. It provides your rooted smartphone with a plethora of additional performance options. While gaming, you will notice a significant increase in performance. You can also experiment with the profile, which allows you to select between Power Saving, Balanced, or Performance mode depending on your requirements.

How to Install Magisk Modules via Magisk Manager

Once you successfully root your device, you can Install Magisk Modules to customize or improve the performance of your device. Installing a Magisk Module is easy, all you need a rooted device with magisk and Magisk manager app installed on your device.

Wrapping Up: Best Magisk Modules

These are the best Magisk Module you should try. You can try them out and let us know which one is your favorite and if know any other module which you think fits in the list tell us in the comment section.

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