How to Privately Reply to a WhatsApp Group Message


WhatsApp for Android gets a new ‘Reply privately‘ feature, which allows people to reply privately to a message received in a WhatsApp group. This new feature allows to privately reply to WhatsApp group message or member directly from the chat itself. When the users select a contact for options and tap on the ‘reply privately’ option, WhatsApp will automatically open a private chat window with the contact.

WhatsApp introduced the “Reply privately” option to Group chat with version 2.18.385. but it is recommended to download the latest version as beta version 2.18.385 has a bug and crashes the app once the user tries to delete a media in the chat.

The new reply privately feature could save you from potential discomfort if you’re uncomfortable with sharing certain things with an entire group. Other users on the group will not be able to view the private message you sent using the ‘Reply Privately’ feature. This will also save users time of getting out of the group and then searching for the concerned person’s chat and then replying to a message.

In past months WhatsApp include lots of features including status message, Stickers, WhatsApp payment, and WhatsApp Business also the company has been working on PIP mode on WhatsApp for videos. For now, the feature could be rolled out soon to all users but if are excited to try this feature now then follow below steps to Privately Reply to a WhatsApp Group Message.

How to Privately Reply to a WhatsApp Group Message

To send a private message on WhatsApp group, you need the latest version of WhatsApp beta. After installing the latest beta, once you hold the particular chat, you will see an option to send private message on WhatsApp group.

  1. Download and Install the latest WhatsApp betaDownload
  2. Open a group chat and tap and hold on the message you wish to privately reply to.
  3. On iOS, tap “More.” On Android, tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen and tap “Reply Privately.
  4. A small popup window opens on individual’s chat where you show a contact and group name.
  5. Type your message and then hit the send button.

Wrapping Up:

The new Reply Privately feature might be very useful when you want to reply to a particular group chat message or a group chat member privately. Sooner or later you will get the new update but if you want early access to the new feature, you can download WhatsApp beta and follow the steps to Reply WhatsApp Group message privately.


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