AndroidDownload OAndBackupX to Backup Rooted Android Phone

Download OAndBackupX to Backup Rooted Android Phone

If you are a rooted user and a fan of custom ROMs, you should know the importance of data backup. While switching to the ROMs, things can go wrong in the process. That’s why it is highly advisable to take backup your rooted Android phone before performing actions like flashing ROMs, installing themes or mods.

Luckily, with apps like OAndBackupX, you can easily take a backup of your rooted Android Phone. OAndBackupX is an open-source app and comes with a brand new sleek and modern user interface. It is compatible with the latest Android versions and has features like the ability to handle split APKs, batch backup and restore, support for in-app backup encryption, and many more. Download OAndBackupX to Backup Rooted Android Phone from below.

Features of OAndBackupX:

  • It allows you to backup individual apps and their data.
  • Both backup and restore of individual programs one at a time and batch backup and restore of multiple programs are supported.
  • Restoring system apps should be possible without requiring a reboot afterward.
  • Backups can be scheduled with no limit on the number of individual schedules, and there is the possibility of creating custom lists from the list of installed apps.

Download OAndBackupX to Backup Rooted Android Phone

OAndBackupX is avialble on the GitHub, F-Droid, and Izzyondroid. Download OAndBackupX from below.

How to Install and Use OAndBackupX

Installing OAndBackupX is a breeze; all you need a rooted device. Once installed on your device, you can take a backup of an individual app or perform a batch backup. You can choose between user app or system apps, and one of the best things about this app is it will also backup app permissions. Check how to Use OAndBackupX from below.

  1. Download OAndBackupX from above and install it on your device.
  2. After successful installation, Pop-up appears on the app to grant the permission to root access, grant it.
  3. After successful authorization, the app will scan all apps and shows a list of all installed apps.
  4. Now you tap on any app to take a backup.
  5. If you want batch backup then select backup option from the bottom bar.
  6. Choose the app and take backup easily.
Download OAndBackupX to Backup Rooted Android Phone
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Wrapping Up:

If you are looking for an app to take the backup of apps and data, then you should try OAndBackupX. This will not only let you take a backup of your Android apps and data but also take the backup of apps permission.

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