How ToHow to Blur Your Background in Google Meet

How to Blur Your Background in Google Meet

Google starts rolling out the much-needed background blurring feature on Google Meet. Once turn it on, it will only focus on you and blur out the rest of your background during video calls in a similar manner as a photo taken in portrait mode. This making it easy for users to minimize background distractions during a video call. Check the below steps to Blur Your Background in Google Meet.

In a new blog post, Google revealed that they added a feature that “intelligently separates you from the background, blurring your surroundings while keeping you clear and in focus.” Besides the ability to blur backgrounds during a video call, Google Meet will also let you see up to 49 people simultaneously when using the tiled view.

Background blur in Google Meet works directly within your browser and does not require an extension or any additional software. The feature is useful for those who have messy rooms. However, Google warns turning on background blurring might slow down your device. So it is recommended to turn on this only required else turning it off to make other apps to run faster.

Blur Your Background in Google Meet

How to Blur Your Background in Google Meet

The feature to blur background in Google Meet is turned off by default, but the user can easily enable it from setting. It would work on Chrome browsers operating on Windows and Macs. The option to blur background in Google Meet Android app will be rolled out soon.

There are two options to blur the background in Meet. You can enable the option during the meeting or before the meeting starts. Check both the options below.

  1. Open Google Meet via
  2. Click the More (three-dot) button at the bottom right.
  3. Select Turn on Background Blur during a call, or before joining one. Once select, the effect will be automatically applied.
  4. Alternatively, you can also, quickly enable or disable the background blur toggle at the bottom right of the preview screen.
  5. Once activated, it will only focus on you and blur out the rest of your background. 

Still not working? Turn on hardware acceleration

If you are still having issues using background effects, then you need to turn on hardware acceleration. To do this, open the Chrome -> Settings (top left corner) -> System -> use hardware acceleration when available.

  1. Open the Chrome window and click the Chrome menu.
  2. Click on Settings and go to advance.
  3. Open System and Turn on Use hardware acceleration when available.
  4. Restart Chrome.

Wrapping Up:

If you are doing meetings frequently on Google Meet and don’t want anyone to show your room or background for any reason, you should follow the above steps to Blur Your Background in Google Meet.

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