Download MX Player Custom Codec [Updated 2021]

Download MX Player Custom Codec

The default video player on Android phones comes with limited control, and that’s the reason I replaced it with an app called MX Player. MX Player is one of the best and most widely used video players out there, which will play your local videos as well as stream online content, movies, web series, and TV channels. It can do everything that your default video player can do, but it also comes with several additional features that are very useful.

MX Player supports hardware acceleration and multi-core decoding, which helps your video playback utterly smooth. It can handle any file format, bitrate, or subtitle extension and play almost all video formats. It can even run perfectly smooth on 8-9-year-old phones and support every popular Codec. But in a few cases, you won’t get the ac3 or DTS audio support, and for that, you need to Download MX Player Custom Codec.

MX Player officially does not support AC3, DTS, TrueHD, and many other formats, and because of that, MX Player shows the error ‘This Audio Format EAC3 is Not Supported’. However, by installing the MX Player Custom Codec zip file, you can run these formats without any issue, and it will fix Fix MX Player No Audio Issue. Download Custom Codec ZIP files for MX Player and MX Player Pro from below.

MX Player Custom Codec

What is Custom Codec?

Custom codec is a modified version of the FFmpeg library and all other necessary libraries used in the MX Player. It will help the MX player to play any media files in excellent sound and video quality. MX Player will only contain the required libraries as per your device architecture that will only support the device with ARMv7 NEON CPUs. For any other type of device, you need a custom codec.

Download MX Player Custom Codec [AC3, DTS, TRUEHD]

Here we share the link of all DTS, DTSHD, MLP, AC3, and EAC3 custom codec for all devices. Make sure to Download DTS, AC3, EAC3, and other Custom Codec ZIP according to your device architecture. If you have selected the correct codec version for your phone, the app will restart automatically after making the changes. If the version is not right for your device, you will get an error message that says, “Can’t find custom codec for this version.”

The latest updated version of MX Player Custom Codec is released by XDA member USBhost. You can download MX Player Custom Codec with DTS and AC3 Support from below.

MX Player Custom Codec Download Official Download All Custom Codec Zip files from XDA Download All-in-one Custom Codec ( v1.25.0) Download Codec v1.25.0 Download Codec v1.25.0 Download Codec v1.25.0 Download Codec v1.25.0 Download Codec Download Codec

How to Check which Codec to Use?

It’s important to know which MX Player custom codec pack your device will support. For that, open the MX Player Settings and navigate to the Decoder. Here, at the bottom of the page and you will find an option Custom Codec. In the Custom Codec tab, it will tell you which one is needed (x86, x86_64, neon, neon64/ARMv8). If you are still confused about which version to choose, then you should try the All-in-one MX aio Custom Codec file. It will automatically load the right Codec from the pack as per your device architecture.

  • Open MX Player and go to ‘Settings.’
  • Navigate to the Decoder.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to Custom Codec.
  • You will find the type of codec pack that your device support. (ARMv7 Neon type custom codec pack in my case)

How to Install Custom Codec on MX Player

If you try to play an unsupported file, you will see an error message, and MX Player will prompt you to install an additional codec pack that will most likely solve the issue. Installing Codec on MX Player is too easy; you just need the right Codec for your device. Downloaded the MX Player Codec files from above and followed the below steps to Install Custom Codec on MX Player.

Method 1

  1. Download and move the MX Player Codec Zip file to the root of your internal storage.
  2. Open MX Player, it will automatically detect the codec zip file and will prompt you to install the same.
  3. Once detect, click OK to install.
  4. The app will restart, and you will be able to play unsupported files in MX Player.

Method 2

  1. Open MX Player and go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Decoder.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Custom Codec.
  4. Now navigate and select the downloaded Custom Codec zip (Better use MX AIO zip file, it will automatically find the correct Codec).
  5. If the codec version for your phone is correct, the app will restart automatically.

How to Install MX player Custom Codec on Firestick

Installing MX player Custom Codec on Firestick is very simple. Like the MX player Android app, Firestick also has the option to install Custom Codec. To install Codec on the Firestick app, Open MX Player, go back into Settings -> Decoder, scroll to the bottom, click Custom Codec, and then choose the Codec.

How to change MX Player Codec?

You only need to change it with a new version, if the previous Codec is outdated. Whenever MX Player is updated, It will check the version of the custom codec loaded on your device. If it’s obsolete, it will show an error message that indicates “Custom Codec is out of date. Replace it with the new version”. To update Custom Codec, you need to download the latest version and follow the installation process again.

Which MX Player Codec Supports AC3 or EAC3 Format?

Although neon codec works best but for new users who don’t know their device architecture should try an All-in-one codec pack. It will automatically install all the Codec as per your device specification. After installation, you would be able to play videos with DTS audio, AC3, or EAC3 audio without any issues.

Wrapping Up:

Here we share everything about MX player Custom Codec Download, Install, or to change the Codec. If you follow the guide, you can play all types of videos on MX Player without any issue if you have any questions comment below.



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