How ToHow to Get Back Tap Gesture on any Android Device

How to Get Back Tap Gesture on any Android Device

With the recent update, iOS 14 offers a “Back Tap” feature in Accessibility settings that let you trigger many actions when you double-tap and triple tap on the back of your iPhone. Reportedly, Google was working on a similar gesture on Android 11. This feature lets you double tap on the back of your Pixel device to perform some amazing actions like launching Google Assistant, taking screenshots, launching the camera app, dismiss a timer, snooze alarms, controlling media playback, and more. Check How to Get Back Tap Gesture on any Android Device from below.

How to Get Back Tap Gesture on any Android Device

It may be possible Google made the gesture specifically for use with its devices. But XDA Developers forum member Kieron Quinn has found a way to Get Back Tap Gesture on any Android Device. It is possible with a third-party app called Tap, Tap.

Tap, Tap is an open-source app that makes use of the machine learning models that Google built to recognize double tap on the back of its Pixel devices.

Tap, Tap allows users to perform custom actions by double tap the back of your phone to do actions like toggle the flashlight, launch App, take a screenshot, lock the screen, or simulating a home, recent apps, or back button press. It is also compatible with Tasker and triggering a Tasker event. Tap, Tap gestures are fairly accurate and even work through thick, leather cases.

You can have multiple Actions listed here, but Tap, Tap will only prioritize running the first Action. If that Action fails to run for whatever reason, the next Action in the list is run.


The App is compatible with any devices running Android 7.0 Nougat and higher. It is already tested with OnePlus, Asus, Huawei, and other OEMs. However, it works best with the Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4 XL. Tap, Tap also compatible with Tasker and run the Tasker plugin or trigger an event without any issue.

Download Tap, Tap apk

Currently Tap, Tap app is not available in the Playstore hopefully it will find its way to the Google Play Store. For now, you can download Tap, Tap apk from the XDA forums or from official Github page. After downloading the app, you’ll need to sideload the app onto your Android device. 

How Tap, Tap App Works

Tap, Tap app adapts the machine learning model that Google built to recognize accelerometer and gyroscope sensor readings that happen when you tap the rear of the device. At the same time, high-pass and low-pass filters used to refine the sensitivity further.

The App allows users to stack actions on top of each other as a fail-safe. It means when you double-tap the back of the phone, the first action will execute, but if the first action is already in use or fails to complete for some reason, then the App will move on to trigger the next Action in line.

To protect from false positive, the use of Gates. Gates feature to block the gesture from working in certain situations like it blocks an action when the camera app is open or when you are on a call, or when the screen is off.

How to Install and Configure Tap, Tap on your Android phone

You can easily install this app as a normal apk. Once the App is installed, accessibility services must be enabled. After that, you can install Actions, Gates, and more. Check below steps to Install and Configure Tap, Tap on your Android phone.

  1. Download and Install – First, download Tap, Tap app from above either from XDA or Github page. From XDA Forum Thread you will get all information about the updates and development of the application also you can get the latest download link. Once download, you can install Tap, Tap app like any other apk file.
  2. Enable Accessibility – Open the App, you need to enable the Accessibility Service in settings for the application to recognize back taps. You also need to disable Battery Optimization to keep the app running in the background.
  3. Configure Actions – Once enabled, you can head over to the Actions tab where you can click the “+Add Action” button to choose which action you’d like to trigger with a double-tap. You can choose from various actions like launch Google Assistant, Open Camera, wake or lock device, take screenshots, play or pause music, trigger Tasker event, and more.
  4. Configure Gates – The application also has a feature called ‘Gates’ which allows users to determine when not to recognize double-taps. For example, you can choose to disable it when charging or when the screen is off.

Wrapping Up:

Using this app is the best way to get back tap gestures on any Android device. The app works perfectly on my device and hopefully will works with your device to. The app is in the testing phase and released the alpha versions, and probably, it will soon find its way to the Google Play Store.

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