How Do I Use One Android To Run Two Snapchat Accounts?


Nobody uses the SMS feature of mobile to chat. It has become very old significantly in school, and this is the time when you talk with photos and videos. Snapchat, one of the biggest chatting social media stages that have more than a hundred million users using it consistently, understood the change required and delivered it flawlessly. Moreover, the application was invited to such an extent that you can find it in pretty much every device in numerous countries.

Since the time Snapchat has been very popular all over the world, everyone has been starving for a greater amount of what the organization delivers. Now that the phone on the planet is equipped with the double sim facility, you should contemplate whether you could use it to install multiple Snapchat accounts on one Android smartphone without purchasing another device. Thus, we will get familiar with the way to run two Online Snapchat Clone accounts on one phone.

Different Methods to have multiple Snapchat accounts on one Android

online Snapchat clone

First strategy: Find if your phone has included a “Double” application/courier

A few producers make an in-built highlight for their smartphones and empower you to run two Snapchat accounts on one phone. In this manner, you can use multiple Snapchat accounts without downloading a third-party application.

On Samsung devices – One clear model is Samsung devices. They present a special component called the “Double Messenger” highlight. What you need to do is to empower Samsung’s Dual Messenger by going to the Settings application. Find Advanced highlights, then, at that point, tap on Dual Messenger. Here, you see a list of applications that you can clone for signing in with a different record. First, pick Snapchat to toggle it On. Then, at that point, it will request that you install the second Snapchat application. Now, you have got the two Snapchat installed on your phone. The optional one is an orange icon containing two circles.

On other Brand smartphones – Not all OEMs give you this element as simply as Samsung. But, you can find it using a few simple tricks. Here, you figure out how to find the double application highlights on other OEMs.

  • Xiaomi: Settings > Dual Apps
  • Huawei: Settings > Apps > App Twin

If you are using some other OEM, you need to open the Settings application and search for “double” or “two” options. Focus that some OEMs like Nokia, Motorola, and Google do not have this component. You can use these ways of having two Snapchat accounts on a single device. While Snapchat looks for such strategies to use multiple accounts on one device, it is not important for certain individuals.

Second strategy: Try a third-party cloning application (Android)

The following option is to use a Cloning application. These applications make multiple spaces on your phone to use multiple accounts on a single application like Snapchat. Here, we introduce a portion of these cloning applications.

Parallel Space App

This App is a well-known option among tech enthusiasts and Snapchat users. They use this application to have multiple accounts on a single device. To use the Parallel App application, you need to install it on your device. Then, open the application and tap on the Add button. Move your fingers down and click on Add. You will see a number “1” on Snapchat, which shows you that it’s one more instance of Snapchat. Pick Snapchat and open it parallelly. Presently, you have another Snapchat account; sign in and begin using it.

2Accounts – Dual Space and Dual Apps

You can use 2Accounts as another application to make another instance of Snapchat (or some other application). You can do the means very much like the previous application. Install and open the application, select the add button, tap on Snapchat, sign in, and use another Snapchat account.

Super Clone

The last application that we need to introduce is Super Clone. It is a decent choice to switch between two online Snapchat clone quickly. As you might comprehend from its name, this application clones Snapchat and permits a parallel space. Presently, you can run two iterations of the Snapchat application. Like other application cloning applications, you need to use a different email or phone number to sign in.

Could you have 2 Snapchat accounts with a similar phone number at any point?

As you read above, Snapchat empowers you to have two Snapchat accounts, if one of them is a business one and the other is an individual one. Or then again, you can use two different mobile devices to have two Personal Snapchat accounts. Likewise, you can use cloning applications that provide you to use different emails or phone numbers.

In any case, if you have only one mobile device and need to use one phone number, you can not have more than one Snapchat account at a time. This is because Snapchat has a registration cycle, in which the application will message you a verification code to finish the interaction. So you could not use one phone at any point number as a valid option for more than one record to receive SMS.

Wrapping up

A portion of the above techniques is outsider ones (also called ‘third party apps’) while others aren’t. So on the off chance that you are wondering and thinking twice about using any untrusted service, go for an online Snapchat clone as it wouldn’t cause any issue to your device and privacy. Also, don’t neglect to share some other trick you use to get to multiple Snapchat accounts on your device if that isn’t mentioned previously.


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