Social Media Marketing: How to Get the Best Results on Facebook

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a popular way to promote yourself, products or services. It’s important that you understand the benefits and risks of social media marketing and how to get the best results from your ef


Many business owners are turning to social media marketing to reach their target audience more effectively than with traditional advertising methods such as print ads, radio ads, TV ads, etc. Social media allows instant connection between businesses and customers personally, making people more likely to respond positively when they see an interesting advertisement through it.

This article will give you a better understanding of social media marketing and how it can help grow your business.

Find out how to get the best results from your social media marketing

The following tips will help you get the best results from your social media marketing efforts.

  • Before investing time or money in a campaign, create a plan that includes goals, objectives, and measurable metrics to gauge success.
  • Make sure your content is visually appealing by including images or videos in every post.
  • Use hashtags to find people who are interested in topics similar to yours so they can organically discover you on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Ask questions! Social media makes it easy to interact with your audience and invite them to answer questions through polls or other forms.

Facebook marketing

Here we want to show you everything you need to know about the most used social network today, Facebook. We can say that Facebook differs from other social networks because it has enormous business potential. 

On Facebook, it is possible to create company pages, target paid advertisements, engage in dialogue with the public, and contact them directly. This social network, which has more than 1.8 billion users, is the most popular among women and 18-29-year-olds. You’re halfway there if your business has an audience with this profile.

If you don’t have a Facebook profile yet, don’t worry! Despite this stark description of who uses it, billions of different people sign up and use the network almost daily. So think twice before deciding not to create a fan page for your business because you think your audience isn’t there.

Organic Traffic X Paid Traffic

There are two ways to generate traffic on Facebook: paid traffic or, even healthier, organic traffic.

Over the years, the network has received updates to its algorithm, the most significant being in 2011. That year, an incredible tool was launched, which learned from user behavior by analyzing clicks, shared content, likes, and even content that the user ignores.

Since then, Facebook chooses what it shows on people’s timelines based on what interests them.

Now, to get more visits organically, you need to invest in unique and differentiated content to appeal to your target audience, which is the key to success.

As for paid traffic, as the name suggests, it is purchased and is more commonly known as Facebook Ads. These ads can be highly targeted based on gender, age, language, and geography.

However, they follow eight components:

  • A boost to your followers to increase likes and shares.
  • Generate advertisements for the follower base to boost likes.
  • Ads that drive clicks to your site.
  • Create conversion-focused ads to your site.
  • Ads that target engagement with your app.
  • Show ads that encourage users to download your app.
  • Ads to promote an event.
  • Ads that promote an offer.

It is good to remember that the so-called vanity metrics (likes and number of shares) are very good, but they do not help you monetize, that is, to earn money. This is why they cannot be the only indicators to consider when it comes to see if the social network is effective or not for your strategy.

For ads promoting a big deal, consider the four stages of the social media cycle:

  • Listen to the audience
  • Understand their main concerns
  • Form partnerships with relevant authorities
  • Finally, be able to present the product for sale

If you don’t listen to what your audience wants, chances are you won’t present them with an attractive offer.

Use Facebook to promote your business

There are a few best practices to follow on your business page to make it more effective. Take a look at the steps:

  • Add a good resolution profile picture. This can be interesting if you use an image with your logo.
  • Use an attractive cover photo. This promotes your brand and has a positive impact.
  • Complete your profile with all relevant information: site, address, description, mission, telephone, and email. Create a far more appealing and unique Facebook profile video to make your profile stand out above the crowd.
  • Add your partners.
  • Set tone of voice for communication
  • Plan the content you are going to broadcast. Remember to listen to your audience before you start writing.
  • Promote your Page and posts.
  • Measure results, remembering once again that likes and shares don’t pay off.

Tips for better Facebook marketing

Facebook is a pervasive network that allows different types of content. The only thing you need to do is understand your persona to plan the type of content that they will most accept, so you don’t waste time doing poorly targeted work.

You can use written articles, pictures, checklists, videos, e-books, and other information-rich materials. Here are some tips for creating effective partnerships between social media marketing and corporate communication.

Be mobile-friendly

People everywhere are increasingly using smartphones to access websites, browse the internet, read articles, email, and check social media. When creating content for Facebook, make sure it’s suitable for a mobile phone or tablet, as 

Add pictures

Images are essential when thinking about communication via Facebook. They help increase engagement with your audience and showcase what you’re promoting. Use images, but don’t stop measuring and seeing which are most effective in your network.

Define your audience

You can define your audience using the tools offered by the social network. You can set targeting filters such as gender, age, language, education, workplace, among others. Targeting your ads correctly shows that you know your audience and are communicating with them while ensuring that you are investing appropriately. 

Use Facebook reports to measure your success.

They shouldn’t be the only metric, but thanks to Facebook Stories, you’ll be able to see which content is consumed, liked and shared the most. This at least helps you define the topics that are most accepted by your audience.

Ask questions

Engaging with your audience is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. Ask questions to encourage them to respond and share your updates and announcements.

Do not leave comments unanswered.

Remember we talked earlier about the importance of listening to what people are talking about in order to generate richer and better content? This includes responding to all comments left on your Page so that a current or future customer can see what your business can do for them.

Study the best times to post

With Facebook Insights, you can find out what your Page’s revenue spikes are. This way, you can post at the most interesting times and ensure that the public sees your activity.

To conclude

Facebook marketing has become a popular way to promote products or services. It’s important that you understand the benefits and risks of Facebook marketing, as well as how to get the best results from your efforts.

This blog post gives you a better understanding of what social media marketing is and how it can help grow your business. If you’re not sure where to start with this type of digital strategy for your business, we’d be happy to take the time to share our ideas with you. If you have any questions while reading this article, please let us know.


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