TechWhat is the Best Way to Store Digital Photos?

What is the Best Way to Store Digital Photos?

Digital photography is now the most popular type of photography in the world. Millions of people are equipped with digital cameras, such as smartphone cameras, tablet cameras, touch-and-shoot cameras, and DSLR cameras. The days of film photography and developing photographs in a darkroom are over. Digital photography gives the average person the ability to capture pictures and view them on their camera screens immediately.

What is more impressive is that digital pictures can be saved onto several different storage devices and platforms. Photographers can choose between physical storage and cloud storage options for storing their digital photos. Physical storage would be hardware devices and accessories, such as external hard drives, internal hard drives, SD cards, USB flash drives, and DVDs. 

While physical storage options are still used to some extent, the most convenient option is cloud storage. If you want to store your photographs and access them from any computer or smartphone with an internet connection, then you can do so by using cloud storage. There is virtually no chance of your photographs ever getting lost or corrupted on a cloud server. But the same cannot be said for physical storage, unfortunately.

Image files tend to get lost or corrupted on physical storage if the devices are old or damaged. You could try to use a photo file recovery software program to retrieve those lost photo files, but there are no guarantees that you could ever recover them. What if you have precious family photographs on these devices that cannot be replaced? It would be heartbreaking to think that they would be lost forever if you could not recover them on your physical storage devices. 

You won’t have that problem on a cloud storage server. The cloud is a third-party secured server that can be accessed by its owner or a registered user. No matter what type of computer that you are using, you can view the photographs that are stored on the server by entering the proper login credentials. You’ll never have to worry about a corrupt hard drive or flash drive preventing you from accessing your photographs ever again. 

The cloud server is monitored by the third-party hosting company, and they perform automated backups of the stored data. That way, your photographs will always remain protected and safe on the cloud. You will never lose your photographs because the backups will ensure they stay saved. Even if an individual server were to crash on the hosting side, your files stay protected.

Remember that cloud server are different than standard physical servers. A standard server stores all the information onto it and nowhere else. Your photographs would become lost if that particular server were to crash or lose power. Cloud servers, on the other hand, are virtualized servers that utilize multiple individual servers for storing data. In other words, they don’t just store all the data on one individual server. They use several different servers in a data center to keep data secured. 

As a result, one individual server crash on a cloud platform will not result in you losing your photographs. That is why cloud storage is superior to physical storage.

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