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Up Your Data Management Game to A New Level-develop Data Management Skill By Using EaseUS Todo Backup

With the advent of the information age, the pace of computer hardware updates is becoming faster and more frequent, especially after the popularity of mobile devices, the opportunities for replacing devices and replacing software OS are also increasing. Therefore, the “back up” seems to be more important than ever. The data backup software market is vast, and here is how we can help you to pick a fast, accurate, simplified and reliable software- EaseUS Todo Backup Home (資料備份軟體).

▲ After the installation, the main screen is clear and simple, toolbar is located on the left of menu bar.

▲Disk/Partition backup allows users to select the partition that needs to be backed up and which disk to save to.

▲ At the bottom of left corner, there is also a backup plan function that allows users to make adjustable backup plans based on users’ preferences. If the data is constantly changing, it is recommended to set up a backup every half an hour, and perform a full backup every 7 days, and try to cultivate a consistent habit to do the backup.

▲ System backup, the main function is for backing up the operating system and user settings, which can restore your computer when it crashes, and make an automatic backup plan for your computer.

▲ Try to back up your important files regularly, which can significantly reduce the risk of losing important information.

▲ Disk/Partition Clone: Copy the existing system to the desired disk location so the OS can be transferred.

It also provides e-mail backup, which is simple to use even for those who has little knowledge of using a computer. It won’t be interrupted while the system is operating.

To sum up, if you’re looking for the software that can backup your important data, system, and so on; EaseUS Todo Backup is worth a shot.

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Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and Tech, his favorite past time is playing video games and binge-watching TV Series.


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