How to Make UPI Payments Without Internet or Smartphone

Make UPI Payments Without Internet

One of the major limitations of online purchases was the requirement of a smartphone and an internet connection. However, with the introduction of Bhim UPI payments, the USSD platform was improved to allow cashless transactions without the use of cellphones or active Internet connections. Anyone with a bank account, registered mobile number, and a debit card can Make UPI Payments Without Internet.

With USSD-based mobile banking, anyone can send and receive money via UPI without any data connection. It is a 24-hour payment system and compatible with both smartphones and feature phones. Users must, however, register on the BHIM app by validating their mobile number in order to perform offline transfers. Users must then link their bank accounts and generate a UPI PIN in order to conduct transactions.

With a USSD-based *99# offline mobile payment service, users can send money to a phone number, saved beneficiary, virtual payment address, bank account (IFSC), or a mobile phone number (MMID). Users must then provide any of the beneficiary’s above data, as well as a sum ranging from Rs. 1 to Rs. 20000. Users must use their UPI PIN to verify the transaction.

Services available under *99#

  • Send Money – The user can use this option to send money to any other person through UPI, IFSC, or MMID.
  • Request Money – Customers can use this option to collect money by entering their UPI ID or the mobile number of a UPI registered customer.
  • Check Balance – The user can check the balance of his or her account using this option.
  • My Profile – Users can use this option to find out about their UPI details, change their language, and manage their UPI IDs and beneficiaries.
  • Pending Transaction – Users can check pending UPI requests using this option (if any)
  • Transaction – The user can check out the last five UPI transactions by using this option.
  • UPI PIN – Users can set or alter their UPI PIN using this feature.

How to Make UPI Payments Without Internet on Your Phone

To make offline UPI payments, users need to dial *99# using the mobile number linked to the BHIM app. Users will then be able to send money, receive money, check their balance, profile, pending requests, transactions, and change their UPI PIN. Check How to Make UPI Payments Without Internet on Your Phone from below.

  1. First, dial *99# on your phone and select your preferred language and send.
  2. A welcome screen will appear where you need your bank’s name or the first 4 letters of your bank IFSC code.
  3. Choose your bank account from the options provided.
  4. Enter the last six digits of your debit card and expiry date separated by a single space.
  5. Now create your new UPI PIN and re-enter to confirm it.
  6. Your UPI is now active, and you can check the balance of your account by entering your UPI PIN again.
  7. Now enter *99# again, a menu screen will appear, with seven options: Send Money, Request Money, Check Balance, My Profile, Pending Requests, Transactions, and UPI Pin.
  8. Select ‘Send Money’ from the available options by replying with 1. You’ll now be able to send money using your phone number, UPI ID, or account number, and IFSC code. To make a payment, choose your preferred option.
  9. Select option 3 to send money using UPI and enter the person’s UPI ID.
  10. Now reply with the exact amount in rupees you intend to send (you’ll also see the name of the beneficiary).
  11. Enter your UPI pin and click send.
  12. On your screen, you’ll now see the transaction status as well as the reference ID.
  13. It will also ask you to save the recipient for future use or exit.

Wrapping Up: Make Offline UPI Payments

With USSD mobile banking, you can Make UPI Payments Without Internet or smartphone. This service is currently available from 51 banks and supports all GSM service providers. It is available in 12 languages, including Hindi and English.


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