How To Find A Balance Between Friends, Work And Relationships

Balance Between Friends, Work And Relationships

In our productivity-driven society that we are living in, more and more people are finding it hard to adequately fulfill their roles both at home, between friends, and in the workplace. More frequently it becomes tricky to find a point of balance between careers and family lives, as there is always one that is given more priority than the other. Reaching the harmony may seem to be a very daunting task, but a lot of people have already done it, so there shouldn’t be any reason that you can’t do the same.

Balance Between Friends, Work And Relationships

Before we delve into the details, just keep in mind that there is no precise approach to follow, as every person must find specific solutions to their issues depending on their own preferences and needs. But basically, a balance between work and family and friendship occurs when a person is able to sufficiently meet family commitments, keep in touch with friends not only when you need them but also when they ask for help and adequately perform responsibilities at work.

Today we are going to share useful tips to break boundaries between 3 aspects of life (family, friendship, business).

Imbalance It’s OK

First things first, you need to realize that the imbalance is an unavoidable phenomenon. There is no point in staving off all struggles. There will always be times when you will have to devote more efforts to work and less to family or vice versa. It would be impossible to perfectly balance everything in your life all the time. Or if so it would be something fake and unreal. For example, when it is your son’s birthday, you may need to skip a work event; or when an important deadline must be met, you might need to miss a family at home and stay working in the office till midnight. And so on, and so on.

#2 Consider Having a Day Off

To achieve the balance between work and social life and perform things much better, you have to think about rest. It doesn’t have to do with procrastination or laziness but all about a relaxing time.  If you go off the city with friends and family members, you are simply killing two birds with one stone. Having such a day off will give you the strength to handle more tasks at work, and will be a great chance to engage with your best ones. 

#3 Avoid Multi-Tasking

For the majority of people, multitasking is viewed as a valued skill. However, concentrating on one task at a time is actually more efficient and awarding. The principle is super easy to understand. On one hand, whenever you are trying to focus on your job, in particular, you lose control and forget about other important aspects of your life (family/kids/friends/leisure time). While, on the other side, taking too much time for social interaction and rest you are facing a bunch of obstacles as well. That’s why we recommend you to avoid such a negative thing as doing everything at one second. The best way to reach harmony is to complete tasks one by one so that you have a clear idea of what expects you then.

#4 Time Management

We, as adults have a very busy schedule and we are often involved in too many activities, we also don’t have the courage to say “ no” and make any kind of concessions. While carrying different type of activities try to identify the exact time you are ready to spend on working/family/friendship lives. As a result, you have a great understanding of how much time is required for a specific occasion (whether it’s participating in a social event or taking part in a sport contest). The key point here is to find the types of activities among your family members that have a motivational impact on you and friends who refresh your soul in troubled times. Generally, it is a vicious circle, where each chain is crucial. Devoting time for your significant others will recharge the energy grid inside, allowing you to perform better at work.

#5 Avoid Perfectionism

Of course, everyone sees its ideal world with great performance at work, friendly relations in a family and enjoyable social life but the reality is quite different. You might go the extra mile to keep everything perfect, take the wheel of your life and balance relationships with everybody but the outcome might not always be as you expected.

There is always an action that can permeate everything we do and spread in ways that we cannot control. Life always brings its own corrections and adjustments that you have no power of. Moreover, if you think that this perfect outlook on diverse aspects of life affects only you, then you are wrong. Your colleagues, your mates, and family members hold the same expectations from relationships as much as you do. So, whenever someone doesn’t meet those expectations your connection falls apart. Nobody must meet your standards, because you see it like this, don’t limit yourself to with certain preconceptions that don’t allow you to enjoy your work, family and social life.

#6 Make Certain Days Dedicated to Specific People

It is going to become the most perfect suggestion for anyone who is having a really tough time finding balance. You can even pick multiple days for different people. This is a helpful tip if you are a crazy-organized person who craves to see everyone at once. Create your own schedule that seems appropriate for you; let’s say, devote weekdays for work and weekends to your family and friends, integrate and make contact with each person you want. It is easier than you think.

#7 Everybody Makes Mistakes

If you plan a party with your friends or extremely preoccupied at work on a day you already made plans with your significant other to hang out, tell the truth. Believe us, it is a way worse to lie about your plans and let your loved ones down, as well as making excuses to your boss about not being able to finish the project, because your wife is ‘’pregnant’’. Explain the situation to the person you mistakenly ditched. Everyone has his or her own lives and everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes. Most of us are understanding and compassionate human beings by nature. Be honest with yourself, as well as with others – this is the key to a perfect balance between all friendships, relationships, and work.

Finding and managing the balance between your workmates, friends and your significant other can be incredibly hard, especially when you are in the stage of building a brand new relationship with everyone. It can be hard to find time to be with your lover and then find even more time to be with your BFFs and do not forget about accomplishing tasks at the office.


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