5 Common Mistakes to Completely Avoid in Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Common Mistakes to Completely Avoid in Digital Marketing Strategy

As we have moved into 2019, it’s the high time for you to re-anneal your digital marketing strategies and make sure that your approach for your business is both relevant and up to date.

In addition, it is also important to measure whether you are on the right path as marketers, often commit some fundamental and crucial errors in their marketing strategies. The result could be drastic for you!

If you are in a dilemma whether yours is appropriate one or have some basic errors, then worry not! This post is about to widen your eyes!

In this article, we are going to discuss five major and common digital marketing strategy mistakes that need avoidance and also discuss to what extent these mistakes can be reversed. Don’t forget that the easiest way to increase traffic to your site is to use an advertising network like Galaksion.

Common Mistake 1: Writing Content That Is Not Client-Engaging

Basic purpose of content is to engage its consumers and encourage them to purchase a product. No matter how well-constructed and attractive your content is, if it fails to fetch more conversions, then it is a mere waste of effort! It may be for several reasons such as

  • Focusing on the product features than its benefits
  • Not considering consumer opinions and feedback
  • Not providing relevant offer
  • You’re pushing, not pulling!

Your content not only should be client-oriented but also need to connect with the right people at peak times.

Keep your target audience and their perspectives in mind while writing content. This will empower you to realize who you are about to offer and to what extent they will get advantages out of it.

For instance, if you writing an article on e-commerce then overwhelming your audience with loads of data and graphics results in complete overwhelming. Rather, if you provide basic features and its major advantages, then it will retain the interest of the visitors and encourage them to make a purchase.

“Great content is like a great cup of coffee – once you reach the end, you’re warm, satisfied and eager for more!”

Common Mistake 2: Ignorance to Promote Content

Poor content promotion is one of the worst circumstances of ignoring to promote content. According to Buzzsumo, “more than 50% of content gets eight shares or less for three clear reasons,

  • Poor research and understanding
  • Lack of amplification and promotion
  • Lack of trend awareness.”

As a marketer, you need to give up on the thought that people will come and share your content themselves. Rather, you need to be inanimate and wave to the world where it becomes more visible.

Share and promote your content across all the social and commercial networks where it gets better chances for your audiences to encounter.

“Be an active social media evangelist!”

Remain aware of the upcoming events and contemporary trends, and schedule your content to deliver at the right time. And also, deliver fresh content and update the existing one frequently.

Common Mistake 3: Failure in Tracking Marketing ROI

Implementation of an effective marketing strategy will not draw the desired results as if you ignore their expected outcomes with the real outcomes. Marketing ROI (Return of Investment) may vary from person to person, it may be calculated every week or monthly, quarterly or annual basis. But, the basic objective for the same is to track whether the strategy is onto the right path or not.

To quantify your success, you need to “track and analyze” every single component of your marketing tactics.

In this scenario, the application of tools such as Google Analytics and HubSpot looks after the guesswork out of the ROI. These tools will empower you to detect your incompetency and further furnish them to make an effective and smart marketing strategy.

Common Mistake 4: Forgetting to Optimize Your Website for Smart Phones

Recently, many organizations have realized the fact that smartphones are an indispensable part of their marketing strategies. Instead, they often overlook mobile as a priority and as a result, they miss out on the chances for reaching out an enormous number of potential customers.

According to the facts,average mobile share of website traffic is about to exceed 50%!

In this regard, you need to modify your website to make them compatible with a mobile user interface. Furthermore, low-resolution graphics and images take lesser time to load and do not keep you waiting. It will improve user experience and they will seek further assistance from you thereafter.

Common Mistake 5: Blunt and Obscure SEO Strategy

SEO improvement is among the major tactics that increase your website visibility in search results and also help you to be found by your target audience. Although SEO strategy changes over time, there is good news for you also! You can seek assistance from a few tested SEO tactics that will help your business website or posts to feature among top search results. These techniques include,

  • Primary keyword in the title tag, meta description, URL and eventually distributed keyword throughout the content.
  • Authoritative backlinks
  • Visuals and engaging contents.

However, search algorithms are ever-changing, meaning that a strategy effective for yesterday, may not work for today at all. In this regard, keeping track of the current SEO strategy is very crucial to retain your position among top results.

“By not honing your digital marketing strategy, you’re committing one of the largest digital marketing mistakes there is!”

Conclusion- It’s Time to Harness Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is one kind of marketing technique that consists dynamic as well as diverse factors such as search engine algorithms, SEO, market trends and consumer demand, etc.

These factors vary with time- making it harder for accurate implementation of the strategy and there is a complete assurance for you to make errors while operating a marketing strategy. However, as early as you can detect and rectify, the more it is better for you.

The above-mentioned mistakes are among the pile of fundamental mistakes which is obvious to commit even if you are an expert.

Now, as you have already read the current post that depicts the basic instabilities of any digital marketing plan, it might have widened your eyes.

So, get started! Sort out disputes! Solve them! Become an instance!


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