How ToHow to Detect Speed Cameras on Android Phones

How to Detect Speed Cameras on Android Phones

Most of the major cities of India have installed radar-based speed cameras with the ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) system on their roads. These traffic cameras will help detect overspeeding, signal jumping, lane change, and other violations with over 90% accuracy. These cameras are useful for your safety but a violation of these may cost you a massive fine. But now you can Detect Speed Cameras on Android to avoid traffic challans.

Traffic cameras are used to detect overspeeding and red light jumping using radar technology. If a vehicle’s speed is detected to be higher than the posted legal limit then cameras take a picture of the vehicle with the following information — model, license plate number of the vehicle; date and time, speed of the vehicle, and maximum speed limit, and other parameters.

After capturing the details, challan sent through the post and via an SMS with the facility to pay online. The cameras can capture an overspeeding vehicle from a distance of 300 meters and can spot it even at the night. The best way to avoid challan is to stick to limits and for that speed detector camera apps can help you. Check how to detect speed cameras on Android.

Best Speed Camera Detector Apps for Android

To detect speed cameras on Android phones, you need the best speed detector camera apps for your phone. Speed camera apps identify the speed limit and alert you to the positions of fixed cameras. These apps are updated regularly and give you the best experience. Check out these Best Speed Camera Detector Apps for Android devices.

1) Radarbot


Radarbot is one of the best speed-camera detector apps that combines real-time Alerts with the best speed camera detection system using GPS. The app shows real-time reports of your current and maximum speeds and alerts when you exceed a specified speed limit. This app shows all types of cameras including fixed speed cameras, traffic light cameras, and mobile cameras set up by other users. The app can also be integrated with any maps application.

Radarbot Features:

  • Receive Alerts and notify about traffic, mobile controls, and new fixed speed cameras.
  • Integrated with any GPS navigator app.
  • Battery saving mode (App will work in the background even with the screen turned off)
  • Simple and functional interface.
  • Voice notifications and Sound Alerts when approaching a speed camera.
  • Warnings when breaking the speed limit.
  • Completely configurable warning distances and parameters.

How to Detect Speed Cameras with Radarbot

  1. Download Radarbot app from Playstore and install it on your device.
  2. Open the app and select the country where you will be using the app.
  3. After the country is selected, the app will update the database with speed camera locations.
  4. Radarbot will display the speed of the vehicle at the bottom of the map.
  5. Now when you approach a speed camera, Radarbot will alert you so you can safely slow down to the limit in that area.
  6. It also supports vibration alerts in case your phone is in the pocket while riding a bike.

2) RoadCam Radar

RoadCam Radar

If you are an Indian user, then this is the best speed camera app for you. The app alerts you at least 700 meters before so you can slow down the vehicle to match the road speed limit. The app also works in the background and gives you voice alerts even when the phone’s screen is off.

RoadCam Radar Features:

  • 100% Accurate Camera Locations.
  •  Detector Range 500 – 700 Meters, Enough Time to Control Over Speeding.
  • Detects & Alerts in Real-Time.
  • Realtime Movement on Map.
  • Camera Locations Updated on Daily Basis.
  • Works with Route Navigation & Other Apps.
  • Works in Background, Voice Alerts when Smart Phone Screen is Off.
  • Voice Alert in Hindi and English Language.

How to detect traffic cameras with RoadCam Radar

  1. Download the RoadCam Radar app from Playstore and install it on your device.
  2. Open the app and give the location and permission to display over other apps.
  3. Once open the app shows the map view with the speed of the vehicle at the bottom of the map.
  4. Once you approach a speed camera, the app will alert you and gives you enough time to slow down your vehicle.

3) Speed Camera Radar

Speed Camera Radar

Speed Camera Radar is one of the best traffic camera detector apps around the world. It detects speed cameras, red-light cameras, speed bumps, bad roads and etc. It also has an easy-to-use UI and has both a laser and a map view that helps you approach at a safe speed to avoid paying fines. One of the best things about the app is that you don’t need any internet connection to render data.

Speed Camera Radar App Features:

  • Map or Radar view mode (no need for the Internet to render data)
  • Night mode for Map is supported (enabled in settings)
  • 3D tilt on map support (3D buildings)
  •  Dashboard with current speed
  • Daily database updates!
  • Support voice alerts
  • Support of working in background or with other Navigation APPs
  • You can add their own POI to shared database

How to detect traffic cameras with speed camera radar

  1. Download the speed camera radar app from Playstore and install it on your device.
  2. Open the app and go to the menu “Update databased” to download and install the latest database of speed cameras for your country.
  3. Press the “Start” button to run the hazard detection mode.
  4. The application notifies only the speed cameras/dangers that are along your route.
  5. To add a new danger, tap on the SPEED at the bottom of the screen.

Wrapping Up:

You must install these speed camera detector apps to avoid challans and know about the speed limit on a particular road along with speed cameras and red light cameras.

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