7 Best Camera Apps for Fun and Educational Purpose

Best Camera Apps for Fun and Educational Purpose

Cameras in today’s Android phones have improved a lot. It allows you to capture some fantastic pictures and allows you to efficiently unlock new learning with the help of Augmented reality (AR) apps. However, the stock camera app won’t be sufficient to explore the full capabilities of your phone’s camera; that’s why we share the 7 Best Camera Apps for Fun and Educational Purpose.

There are tons of third-party camera apps available on the play store. Out of those, we researched to find out some unique applications. These secret tips, tricks, and hack of camera phones can make your phone experience more interesting and solve many day-to-day problems. If you are looking for something interesting and new, check these 7 Best Camera Apps and hacks.

7 Best Camera Apps for Fun and Educational Purpose

There are multiple apps available out there that make photography a lot more fun using some fun Android camera apps. So, here are the 7 Best Camera Apps for Fun and Educational Purpose in 2020 that will drastically change the way you use your camera.

1) HD Zoom Camera

HD Zoom Camera 

Is photography your first love? Don’t have the budget to buy a DSLR or an expensive phone? Then Professional Ultra Full HD DSLR Camera and video application are prepared for you. This will be the best and most excellent application on your mobile phone. With the newest shape and impeccable design, you are indispensable. You will feel like you are using an HD camera. You will feel like you are using a camera app with a zoom camera.

Zoom camera can give you the best zooming experience, support the best zooming quality, and a mind-blowing camera with HDR effects.

It is completely free, works without the internet. It has unique filters and effects for your photos; immerse your beautiful memories with a stunning camera.

2) AR ruler App – tape Measure and camera to plan

Are you going to buy a cover for AC or need the size of Bed before purchasing a mattress or need to check the size of online orders received at home or length in three-dimension need to be taken before buying furniture

This application is a one-stop solution for all your problems. You neither need a measurement tape nor another helping hand. Alone you can do it all just by using your phone camera. This app allows to tape measure linear sizes in cm,m, mm, inches, feet, and yard. 2D measurement is free on this app, for 3D measurement, you need to pay.

AR ruler App features –

  • Distance meter – To measure the distance from the camera to a fixed point on a 3D plane.
  • Angle – Help you to measure corners on 3D planes.
  • Area and perimeter – Helps you to measure the perimeter and area of the room.
  • Path – It allows us to calculate the length of the path and more.

3) LeafSnap -Plant identification 

When it comes to capturing some beautiful pictures, most of us headed towards gardens to capture beautiful-looking colorful flowers. But sometimes, our curiosity doesn’t let us die after capturing a beautiful but unknown flower.

Why should struggle hard after discovering a beautiful wildflower or unusual looking shrub? Instead of wasting your time trawling through websites or asking your Gardner friends, take a snap, and this app will work for you for the rest.

This app can currently recognize 90 % of all known species of plants and trees. This will cover all the species you will encounter while traveling on earth. This app comes with advanced artificial intelligence, which can instantly identify thousands of plants, flowers, fruits, and trees. This app can be enjoyed free as well as in premium mode.

4) Text Scanner – Extract text from images 

This application is simple to use. You don’t need to manually copy text from an image, screenshots, documents on the internet, any ebook or PDF files. This app will do this work for you in just a tap. Just turn your android phone into a Text scanner. Scan /extract text from images /photos /pictures by using the phone’s camera and edit, copy/paste required text to destination.

This app comes with the most advanced OCR technology and detects the language automatically. It supports more than 100 languages. You can easily share scanned text with other apps. This app, too, comes with a free and paid version. The free version comes with in-app advertisements and some restricted features.

5) FxGuru : movie FX Director 


Have a camera phone but shoot boring videos! Are you not a fan of Hollywood movies? Did you ever try to shoot a video with VFX effects just like Transformers or Avengers? If the answer is “Yes,” then this app is made for you.

Download this app for great special effects for mobile video. Add the fun and excitement of big-budget Hollywood horror, sci-fi, and action movie special effects to any video. This app offers groundbreaking features for you to impress, scare, or even prank your friends.

You can unleash your creativity with more prolonged effects and cinematic filters for more drama and suspense. Direct like a pro by using MotionMatch technology and virtual decals to add realistic movement while filming.

It has many free and paid effects available like Ghosts, zombies, werewolves, UFOs, Aliens, Dragons, earthquakes, floods, animals, vehicles, and Holidays. You can use the free version as developers provide the free effect of the day. So try a randomly selected effect for free every day.

6) Photomath 


This is a must-use app for a student. Scan a math equation using your phone camera and find a step by step solution using the Photomath app. It’s free and works without the internet. So, you can read by turning off data, all social media notifications and still can take the help of the Photomath app to solve your math problems with step by step explanation.

This app covered you from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and geometry.

Key Features 

  1. Word problem explanations
  2. No internet or data required for equation-based problems
  3. Free to use 
  4. Step by step explanations for every solution
  5. Exclusive how-to animations 
  6. Scroll through multiple solving methods per problem 
  7. Multi-functional scientific calculator
  8. Interactive graphs 

7) Reverse Movie FX 

Reverse Movie FX 

Are you impressed by magic tricks videos in which it seems that time turned back in the opposite direction? If It always remained a secret for you to know how they shoot these videos? How can they shoot events in reverse frames? Then, this app is for you. Reverse Movie FX is an application where you can create a reverse video that seems like a magic trick.

You need to record a video of someone in action like walking, talking, drinking juice, or some other idea that comes to your creative mind. You need to the fragment of the video, which you need to reverse. This app will reverse that fragment, and you will see your friends spitting the juice out, people walking backward!

You can add music ,keep reversed+original( loop) ,original + reversed (loop) . Give it a try; you will be amazed!

Wrapping Up:

If you are looking for unique app ideas or looking for something interesting to do with your phone’s camera then you should try these 7 Best Camera Apps for Fun and Educational.

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