Social MediaEnhance your viewing experience with these BBC iPlayer tips for 2021

Enhance your viewing experience with these BBC iPlayer tips for 2021

Since its launch in 2007 in the UK, BBC iPlayer has grown in leaps and bounds as a catch-up service. Long before the arrival of other streaming services, BBC iPlayer was offering fantastic TV shows on demand. It made it possible for people to watch what they want when they want, making catch-up TV a household concept.

Fast forward to the modern-day, iPlayer is still one of the most preferred TV show services in the UK, even with competition from leading new streaming services. It is still a source of fantastic quality TV shows and films, making it worth sticking with even as you sample other options in the market.

BBC iPlayer offers a wide range of shows that can be streamed from your TV, smart devices, tablets, and laptops, with BBC 4K iPlayer available on the menu.

There is a full range of features and extras on iPlayer you can use to make your iPlayer streaming experience even better. Whether you are a loyal iPlayer fan, new to the platform, or occasionally log in to catch your favorite episode of Pointless, here are timely tips and tricks you can use to make your catch-up experience on BBC even more enjoyable.

Access BBC iPlayer from anywhere

Accessing iPlayer outside the UK is not possible due to geo-restrictions. If you are worried that you will miss your favorite shows whenever you travel outside the UK or reside in a country outside the UK but still want to access the service, you can access BBC iPlayer with a VPN.

Once you download a VPN(Virtual Private Network), you can pick a server location inside the UK to access BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world. The VPN hides your actual IP address and replaces it with one from the region you choose within the UK. With a reliable VPN, you can enjoy fast streaming speed and connection to allow you to access your favorite shows from anywhere in the world.

Using iPlayer with no internet connection

Instead of always accessing BBC iPlayer from your browser, you can download the free iPlayer app to your mobile device, computer or laptop and download your favorite shows to watch later. Once you download the shows onto your app, you can catch them at any time before the lapse of 30 days.

You can watch all your downloaded content without needing an internet connection. This feature is perfect for people who spend a lot of time commuting and want to catch up on their favorite BBC shows while on the road.

Access live TV on iPlayer

If you have the iPlayer app, you can access live BBC programming from the ‘TV Guide’ menu. This interactive part of the interface gives you access to an array of BBC channels like BBC One, Two, and Four, and regional BBC channels like BBC Alba and BBC Scotland.

Use the iPlayer recording feature to watch every episode

IPlayer Series record feature allows you to record and save your favorite TV series episodes to watch later. You can activate this feature from the setting tab on the right-hand corner of the app. Click or tap on the ‘Series Record’ option on the dropdown menu to turn it on. Remember to find the program you want to record first and use the menu option for the title.

Once the iPlayer Record feature is turned on, every new episode of your favorite shows will be saved for later viewing. Also, your device needs to have a hard drive for the recording and downloading option to be available.

Listed to podcasts and radio

In the beginning, iPlayer includes radio as part of its features, and as the platform grew, they have included more options, including BBC Sounds as a standalone app. With this service from iPlayer, you can access live BBC radio at home or on the move.

You can access numerous stations on BBC Sounds by flickering on the homepage, including different music genres, podcasts, and talk radio categories on the platform.

With these tips, you can access your favorite BBC iPlayer shows whenever, wherever.

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