5 Best Song Lyrics Apps for Music Lovers

5 Best Song Lyrics Apps for Music Lovers

Everyone loves music because it holds the power to transform the mood and bring a sense of relief in their daily life. It can lessen the stress, pain, struggle, distraction and bring positivity and calmness to our daily life. Music holds the power to bring people together in different ways. Music can make us expressive and help us in understanding our feelings and emotions in a better manner. All who have a hobby in music will love to know these Best Song Lyrics Apps for Android.

Music is also thought to be a comprehensive brain workout because it keeps the brain active throughout the aging process. The lyrics of a song are the most crucial factor in determining whether or not it becomes a hit. A person appreciates music solely for the words. Music lyrics apps are developed and designed to provide users with the most accurate lyrics of their favorite songs.

5 Best Song Lyrics Apps for Android

Here we share the 5 best lyrics apps for Android. With the help of these music lyrics apps for Android, you can fully enjoy your music and understand its meaning as well. All these lyrics app show lyrics while the song is playing on the music player on your phone.

1) Shazam

Shazam app

Shazam is one of the most popular offline lyrics apps for music lovers. It enables users to recognize songs only based on their lyrics. It displays lyrics for any music you’re listening to, whether it’s on a streaming service or your smartphone. Millions of music fans and singers utilize it all around the world. You can receive the full lyrics to your song with a single tap, and you can also search for it by title and artist name.

It is not only available for Android and iOS, but also the Mac, Apple Watch, and Android Wear, as well. This offline lyrics app gives you one-tap access to your favorite songs, song lyrics, video clips, and streaming services, all of which can be added to your music library. The app provides a music identity and allows you to preview the songs and add them to the playlists of Spotify & Apple.


  • Provide offline lyrics option.
  • It quickly helps in identifying any song in seconds.
  • Allows the music lovers to add the music to the Spotify and Apple Music playlists too.
  • It can be synced to multiple devices.
  • Dark theme

Download Shazam app

2) QuickLyric

QuickLyric app

QuickLyric is another well-known song lyrics app for finding lyrics of your favorite songs. It will show the lyrics as soon as you play a song. The app just fetches the lyrics of the song you’re playing, whether on an inbuilt music player or any other app for song lyrics. The app supports synchronized or scrolling lyrics. Synchronized lyrics are shown automatically, eliminating the need to manually enter the song’s name every time it changes. Furthermore, synchronized lyrics can be saved for offline use, allowing users the ideal karaoke experience.

It also has a floating window, which is one of its additional features. It enables users to carry out multiple things at the same time while checking lyrics. If you don’t like the app’s floating window, you can use Android’s built-in split-screen option. The night mode in the Quick Lyric app allows you to relax your eyes in low-light situations.


  • It offers the song lyrics offline.
  • Quick lyrics download for the whole music library helps the users to save their time.
  • Synchronization of the lyrics.
  • The floating window feature helps to do multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • It has night mode to rest your eyes at night

Download QuickLyric app

3) Musixmatch – Lyrics for your Music

Musixmatch app

Musixmatch is a famous app for song lyrics with a user base of a few million people. It has the world’s largest repository of song lyrics, and millions of people use it to receive synchronized lyrics for Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, and other services. It can quickly translate music lyrics for people who are on the move. This function allows people from all around the world to comprehend and learn music in their native tongue.

It may also be synced with several platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and many others. It may also be connected with various sites such as Spotify, YouTube, and others. Users can exchange lyrics with their friends and family members using the Lyrics Card feature. The Musixmatch app may be used with wearables and TV streaming devices such as Android Wear and Chromecast to display song lyrics on large screens.


  • It can quickly translate the language for song lyrics.
  • It provides real-time notifications.
  • Floating Lyrics widget
  • This app can also identify the song running in the background.
  • It can be integrated with YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and more.
  • Fetch song info and cover art for your songs.
  • Offline Lyrics

Download Musixmatch app

4) Genius – Song Lyrics and More

Genius App

Genius claims to have over 1.7 million song lyrics in its database. The main feature of this app is that it includes annotations to the lyrics in addition to the lyrics themselves. This app, which is compatible with most music players, provides facts and backstories about the songs. Users can also look up lyrics for music that is now playing on their phones.

It also allows users to quickly identify the song playing around them with a single tap. The lyrics appear on the screen automatically, allowing you to sing along even if you have no idea what song it is.


  • It is compatible with most music players.
  • The genius app provides the facts and other information related to the tracks.
  • Database of over 1.7 Million songs allows the users to search the songs from the music library.

Download Genius App

5) Lyrics Mint

LyricsMint app

Lyrics Mint is one of the most famous options among the best song lyrics apps for lovers of Hindi Songs. It contains lyrics for recent Bollywood/Hindi film songs as well as some non-film songs. It allows the users to share the links by clicking on the share button, the web links of the lyrics would be shared.   This app’s fuzzy search feature aids in the detection of spelling errors while searching for lyrics. It allows users to save 150 song lyrics offline to their device.


  • Sharing of the song lyrics is available for the users.
  • Saving 150 song lyrics offline is possible.
  • It gives notification of the latest tracks.
  • The fuzzy search feature helps to check spelling errors.

Download LyricsMint app

Wrapping Up: Best Lyrics App for Android

The above-mentioned apps are the best song lyrics app for your needs that are compatible with Android and iPhone. We hope that we were able to assist you in your search so that you can easily find your favorite lyrics.

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