5 Best Field Service Mobile Apps for Android and iOs devices

Best Field Service Mobile Apps

The field service software has evolved into a sophisticated tool many business industries cannot function without. They have established a standard for small and medium-sized businesses, expanded their boundaries, and helped them stand steady in a competitive market.

With its transforming fame and demand, the field service management software has adopted mobile workforce solutions to meet popular demands. The increased demands call for a ready-to-use solution that makes work easier, quicker, and convenient for both customers and field professionals. 

Mobile apps for field technicians help improve the service experience, save and access data and manage the field and the office simultaneously. 

Features of field service mobile apps

The field service mobile app is a more manageable form of website software. It is an essential asset in the field and helps with various features. 

Tracking: With the GPS integration software incorporated, field professionals can find easy and convenient routes to reach clients, and managers can track their technicians on the field. It is a method that helps cut short on fuel costs and be punctual to work. 

Digitalize: A mobile app helps upload all the data, invoices, and images right from the field to the cloud. This gives it comprehensive and open yet authorized access from the office and any other location. Upgrading the manual paper and pen jobs to a digital platform saves time and effort for both the client and the technician.

Images: With mobile app software, field professionals can attach their before and after work images to the invoices for record purposes. They can also add pictures of the equipment used, the bill, and other information. 

Time cards: This feature is handy to increase billable hours and pay technicians rightly. With time cards, the mobile app can track the working hours of the technicians on the field and pay them accordingly. 

Notifications: Another superficial feature the mobile app provides are its timely notifications and reminders. It can be set to send reminders a few hours or minutes before dispatch, meetings, and other assignments. The calendar integrated into the software helps keep track of all the schedules and send notifications. 

QuickBooks: The Quickbooks online integration provides easy and immediate access to customer data and information on the field. It also helps with the generation and recording of bills, addresses, and other customer-related data. 

Advantages of using field service mobile app

Besides being a savior on the field for the technicians, the mobile app has other added advantages. 

Management: The mobile app makes it easier to communicate and monitor the field professionals and their performance in real-time. It helps build teamwork and team efficiency on the field. It is helpful to give instant alerts and pass information from the office to the field. 

Offline: Most field service mobile apps are programmed to function offline too. This is an impossible option for website software. Offline mobile apps help save mobile data and work immediately, even in remote locations with a low network. 

Personalize: Another advantage of using the mobile app is the space to customize and personalize it according to your industry, individual needs, and access. It provides a personalized experience based on the user and their needs. You can avoid all the hassle and endless search by finding what you are looking for immediately. 

Productivity: The mobile app sure enhances the productivity of the team and the users. It helps work get done faster from wherever and whenever. From generating invoices, creating work orders, tracking equipment and working hours, the mobile app multi-tasks on behalf of the employees and elevates efficiency.

Customer Experience: The field service mobile app expands its service to deliver outstanding value to its customers with added advantages. They can book automated recurring services, track the technician, review and sign estimates and invoices, and access their work order information at any time. The mobile app also helps customers get instant support and solutions for their queries from the industry experts on the app. 

Payments: Having to field mobile service software helps receive instant payment by scanning the app QR code or online transactions. 

Storage: If you’re worried about losing your mobile storage, fear not! All the mobile app software data and documents are directly synced and uploaded to cloud storage. This saves you space and effort. 

The best field service mobile app for your iOs and Android

Field Promax: 

Field Promax

Field Promax helps streamline all the field service work orders, manage technicians, communicate with customers, and digitally expand your business. It supports a paperless to save the planet and reap businesses their desired benefits. 

Exquisite features: Work order management is much simpler with its efficient scheduling functionalities. They help convert service requests into work orders within minutes and automate recurring work orders in an instant. Their mobility allows technicians to update progress from the field and track movements in real-time. Their mobile software helps save time by monetizing all orders into payments. 

Ratings: 3.5/5



The field service software helps track your teams on the field and keeps your business at your fingertips. It provides different plans based on the business requirements and offers the essential features to support growth. 

Exquisite features: You can record complete instructions, images, and other details on the app. You can also attach it to the client’s account for easy access. It allows you to clock in and out of work with a GPS waypoint. It helps adjust and organize the technician’s day ahead. 




 The software is accessible on all devices and convenient for small and medium-sized businesses. It is integrated with QuickBooks, IoT, mobile payments, and automated work order generating features to help improve businesses. 

Exquisite features: Their customer service is highly efficient and friendly. They provide instant support and encourage self-service scheduling. It helps track and monitor technician functions on the field, arrange convenient routes and save time. They provide solutions for customer management, fieldwork management, and generating estimates and invoices. 

Ratings: 4.3/5



 FieldEZ converts field operation and services using data commuting, analytics, and IoT integrations to create automated solutions for customer relationship management. It is one of the most affordable and flexible mobile software in the field service industry. It has ranked #1 by Capterra. 

Exquisite features: Its best features deal eloquently with customers and provide absolute satisfaction in their service and experience with the software. They enhance operational efficiency by providing customer dashboard reports, auto-scheduling ad various integrations. 

Ratings: 3.5/5



This software is also a cloud-based field service solution like the other. It helps manage leads, create estimates, schedule appointments, manage the inventory and payments. It can be tailored to suit any business and industry based on their requirements and needs. 

Exquisite features: They provide a customer interface that allows workflow tracking, technician status, generating invoice records, etc. They offer monthly subscriptions on all devices, support QuickBooks integration both online and desktop version and Xero.

Ratings: 4.3/5

Wrapping Up: Best field service software

The whole motive and vision of building a mobile app for a software website are to provide all the required features at their fingertips. It eliminates all the manual efforts, sweats, running around the office, paper bills, etc., by providing one solution platform for all. The mobile app enhances the speed of work alongside increasing productivity and efficiency. Choosing the right software for your business brings along the best mobile app for your field. 


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