3 places to look for a new career in 2021

places to look for a new career

If you thought the current crisis has very much swept the board clean regarding opportunities, you may need to think again. While physical retail and the high streets stores have taken a real hit, and any business that serviced events and holidaymakers have been decimated, there are still growth areas where demand for jobs still outstrips supply.

Medical Professionals

You won’t be surprised by the first of these, and that is in the healthcare and well-being industry. Apart from the very obvious current demand (a need that looks, unfortunately, to be ongoing) for frontline medical professionals, there is also a need for secondary and tertiary care.

The knock-on effects of modern life, accelerated by the current crisis have highlighted the need for counselors and physical therapists, addiction specialists, and a host of back-up services to frontline care. The rise in care work among an aging population could also be a new career for those displaced by the large number of retail outlet closures.

E-commerce Business

High street retail was already being supplanted by online retail. However, the current situation has accelerated that by 5 or even 10 years. The millions of products picked packed and shipped every day from the warehouses of the biggest online retailers have created a demand for workers in that industry.

The 24-hour operating schedules in these warehouses have led to round the clock employment opportunities at both full and part-time levels. However, these are typically lower-paid positions that are not that attractive to a large number of job seekers.

Cloud Platforms

Another industry that has a high demand is IT. While this not be news to you, the fact that within that ‘in-demand’ industry there is an even more ‘in-demand’ industry should be. Over the last five years, a large number of businesses (and the majority of start-ups) are choosing to augment or even replace their physical IT resources with cloud-based alternatives.

This new technology brings versatility to a lot of new and existing businesses but also creates many roles working within the various alternative cloud platforms. All of the large software companies have their versions, but the biggest and most popular is Amazon’s AWS cloud platform.

As you would expect, the growth in the use of cloud platforms and AWS, in particular, has created the kind of skills gap that can be useful to those displaced by the current crisis or looking to move into a better paying career. The first step is to complete some sort of certification, such as an AWS cloud practitioner, before choosing your specialty such as development, security, or architecture.

Various Career Paths

The large variety of services offered by a platform like AWS creates a host of different career paths, and with those services being added to regularly, the opportunities are increasing on a day-by-day basis. A large number of these roles can be performed remotely so the chances of your career being stalled by the continuation, or re-occurrence of the present crisis is minimal.


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