Animated video as a promotional tool for your business


For more and more businesses, video marketing has become a cornerstone of their advertising efforts. Known to appeal to online users, video is a clear visual testament of what your firm can do, and what benefits potential customers can take from it.

One of the biggest advantages of animated video is that you can mix humor, facts, animation, fiction, and role playing as tools to draw out the value that your firm can offer. You can create a series of short clips as opposed to one long video, and these can be used to capture peoples’ attention over a longer period of time.

You can bring your team to life, and let people know more about who they would be working with if they decided to work with your firm. Most importantly of all, animated videos enable you to put the potential buyer in the shoes of a customer and realize the benefits of working with your firm. This can be achieved with product demonstrations, or short video clips of how your services work.

How to get started with animated video

If you have decided to go ahead and produce some video content, then congratulations, you have made a big decision in the evolution of your company. But having done so, there are some things to take into account as you begin formulating your plan and taking it to the next level.

For your first step into video, it is unwise to attempt the project yourself. In the same way that you would not try to make a car for yourself, if you have no experience of video it is unwise to try to make a DIY one. After all, your video will be reflecting your brand, so compromising on quality is not the best choice.

Choosing to use an animated videos production company is a wise decision, and it need not cost you the earth. Hiring the right type of video production firm will be a massive benefit to your brand, and can immediately help you to punch above your weight with your marketing.

Using animated video effectively to portray your brand values

Animated video enables you to portray your business in exactly the way you believe it should be positioned. Whether you choose to focus on telling a story, putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, or making your video memorable with insight or humor, animated video gives you all kinds of options.

It is also an ideal opportunity to demonstrate to your potential customers that you know and understand the challenges they are facing, and how you can alleviate them.

Video is also an extremely effective way of targeting only the people who you believe you have the best opportunity to sell to. You can target your video on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. This enables you to apply sophisticated targeting that ensures that you get the most bang for your buck, and gets the right eyes on your content. Having a clear call to action at the end of your video can also work wonders for your conversions.


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