TechThis Tool Will Change the Way You Watch Netflix

This Tool Will Change the Way You Watch Netflix

If you’ve been subbed to Netflix for a long while, you’ve probably gotten bored of the usual catalog in your region. You need something new and fresh, but how are you supposed to watch shows and movies only available abroad? Well, check out StreamCatcher Netflix tool by clicking the link, and get ready to make movie night more interesting.

Don’t know where your favorite show is currently streaming? Understandable – movie and TV studios constantly adjust their licensing deals with Netflix. This often leads to shows changing streaming regions (like The Office) or disappearing from the platform altogether in some cases. Fortunately, finding these shows doesn’t have to be confusing anymore.

Here’s what you need to know.

What StreamCatcher Can Do for Your Netflix Experience

When you look up the content you want to watch, the tool will show you a list of locations that stream it. Of course, that’s not always enough. While you can stream certain titles in multiple countries, some locations may not offer TV shows in full.

Take “Arrow”, for instance. Despite the fact that its 8 seasons have been out for some time now, only 7 seasons are available in countries like Japan, Germany, or Sweden. Then there are shows like “Family Guy” that are only partially released on Netflix (10 seasons, currently). The Griffins’ misadventures are further fragmented region by region, with only Canadian citizens being able to access seasons 9 to 11. 

You can find out all this info on individual StreamCatcher pages. Simply hover over the season you’re looking for and the page will highlight all the countries it’s available in. Other neat features include the ability to filter by audio and subtitles, in case you want to watch a show in your native language.

Of course, all of this info wouldn’t be complete without a way to actually unblock the shows. As such, each page recommends various VPN providers that can help you bypass Netflix geo-blocks and enjoy their full library.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Netflix?

While it’s not completely necessary, you’re getting a pretty limited library if you stick with the content in your region. For example, European users pay more for Netflix than the rest of the world, despite having smaller catalogs in most cases. Using a VPN simply lets you level the playing field and net you more content than usual.

How? Easy – simply sign up with a decent VPN provider, download and install their app, and connect to a country of your choice. This will change your real IP address to reflect the country you’re connected to, and uncover previously hidden shows and movies on Netflix.

On top of that, VPNs will encrypt (scramble) your network traffic – keeping it safe from hackers on unsecure networks, as well as ISPs that want to sell your browsing habits. Since your ISP can’t see what you do online with a VPN, they won’t be able to slow down your streaming either.

Yes, that’s a thing that ISPs do post-net neutrality, despite promises to the contrary. In fact, the same research shows that ISPs throttle streaming traffic even when there isn’t a need to do so (e.g. to ease network congestion).

In any case, VPNs and StreamCatcher create the perfect combo to unlock the full potential of your Netflix account. And with most VPNs nowadays offering 30 day money-back guarantees nowadays, there’s no risk in trying them out for yourself.

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Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and Tech, his favorite past time is playing video games and binge-watching TV Series.


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