How to Setup Cloudflare DNS on Android and iOS


Cloudflare has announced its own DNS service which promises to speed up your internet with its service. The CloudFlare DNS supports both DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS for enhanced security. These new protocols ensure that communication between your device and the resolver is encrypted. Cloudflare also launched a mobile app for its DNS service with that you can Setup Cloudflare DNS on Android and iOS.

Cloudflare’s DNS claimed it has 28 percent faster than other public DNS resolvers. Recently, Google has launched its own Google Public DNS resolver that supports DNS over TLS. Both Cloudflare and Google DNS can be easily setup manually on Android 9 Pie. But Cloudflare has an advantage as it has a dedicated app that supports Android 5.0+.

Cloudflare app has its own benefits you can select the Encryption Mode (HTTPS or TLS), view the Status of your connection, check the logs, attach logs to bug reports, Check How to How to Setup Cloudflare DNS on Android and iOS.

How to Setup Cloudflare DNS on Android and iOS

Setting up Cloudflare DNS on PC is bit tricky but on Mobile, it is as easy as pushing a button, just Download the app and toggle the switch. Here we share How to Setup Cloudflare DNS on Android and iOS with or without an app.

Add Cloudflare DNS on Android and iPhone using Cloudflare App –

The Cloudflare app is very fast and easy to use. The app works on iOS and Android 5.0 or above which re-routes your device’s DNS requests through CloudFlare’s own servers. The app uses a local VPN server to enable the DNS server which means you can’t use other VPNs at the same time.

  1. Download the Cloudflare App – For Android, For iPhone
  2. Open the app and Tap the Install VPN profile button.
  3. Tap the OK button to allow the VPN connection setup.
  4. Tap the Done button in the bottom-right corner.
  5. Turn on the toggle switch.
  6. Once enabled, no further configuration required.
  7. You can select the Encryption Mode (HTTPS or TLS) from app settings.

Add Cloudflare DNS on Android without any App

If you’re on Android Pie, then you don’t need the app to enable CloudFlare’s DNS. Android 9 Pie supports DNS over TLS and you can easily set from the settings.

  1. Your device should be running on Android 9 Pie or later (older device does not support DNS-over-TLS).
  2. Open Settings > WIFI & internet settings (or Network & Internet) > Private DNS.
  3. For Samsung Galaxy devices go to Settings > Connections > More connection settings > Private DNS
  4. In the popup window, select Private DNS provider hostname.
  5. Enter hostname of the DNS provider.
  6. Click Save.

Add Cloudflare DNS on iPhone & iPad without any App –

If you’re on iOS, you can use the app or set up a manual DNS entry for each wifi network you want to use with Cloudflare’s DNS also you won’t be able to use it when browsing on your cellular network.

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap on the preferred Wi-Fi network.
  2. Tap on Configure DNS
  3. Change the configuration from Automatic to Manual.
  4. Under DNS Servers, delete any existing entries if any by tapping the red minus button.
  5. Click Add Server.
  6. Type, click add server again and type
  7. Tap the Save button on the top right.


Wrapping Up:

We shared all possible ways to Setup Cloudflare DNS on Android and iOS. We recommend you to switch to Cloudflare’s DNS for safer and faster browsing. You can switch to your default ISP’s DNS server if you won’t satisfy with the result. Let me know if have any queries about the post.


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