How to Improve Your Solar Sales Pitch

improve solar sales

Everyone wants to cut down their utility bills and this explains why some people seek alternative power supply. While there are a number of options to choose from, one option that has gained popularity in the last decade is solar energy. Also known as renewable energy, solar has become a reliable option for many households and offices due to the numerous benefits attached to it.

While renewable energy generates a lot of buzz, it can, and often does, take a long time to educate a consumer on why they should invest in it. The good news is that assuming that role will position you as an instructor rather than a pushy seller. Solar contractors, in actuality, have a plan, which is completely fine!

Customer acquisition costs are estimated to account for 20% of a system’s overall cost in today’s market. This expense has a substantial impact on a company’s profit margin. To boost profitability and assure long-term success, you have to reduce your upfront acquisition costs and be effective in your capacity to convert interested prospects into paying customers.

How do you achieve this one may wonder? It’s simple and you can use effective solar sales pitches to convert interested prospects and leads to customers. This task isn’t as easy as it sounds and that is why you need to hire the services of professionals. To find reliable professionals may not be easy, going by the large number of companies offering these services. However, if you need recommendations on reliable professionals to handle this aspect of your business, you can visit: for assistance.
Additionally, if you would like to know some of the steps involved in recording an effective sales pitch, you will find this article helpful. Please read on as we explain more.

How to Improve Your Solar Sales Pitch

how to improve solar sale pitch
Here are some tips to guide you:

Sell a Cheaper Utility Bill and Peace of Mind, not Solar Panels

A solar sales representative can talk about the advantages of solar panels and modules for a long time, but what they should actually be selling is the advantages of solar electricity as a concept, not as a physical addition to a home.
Truth be told; solar panels are really not cheap, so a homeowner’s decision to invest in renewable energy isn’t one that can be made in a day. You’ll want your sales pitch to assist them in making an investment choice by outlining all of the ways they’ll save money by reducing their reliance on fossil fuels and switching to clean energy.

You should have a sales pitch prepared for different client profiles. Look around to see what prospects want from their solar system. Is it to save costs? Or are they more environmentally conscious? Is it possible that they’re seeking a solar-plus-storage solution? Whatever it is, let them know that while going solar is an expensive investment, it will save them money in the long run and also assist them in contributing to the success of clean energy programs and goals. You can also read this article to find some benefits to discuss in your pitch.

Before they ask, Respond to the Homeowner’s Top Queries

Build a solar sales pitch that is informative and flexible depending on the path your conversation takes by becoming well-versed in your target customer’s concerns and learning from prior client experiences.

Homeowners will want to know why they should use renewable energy now rather than later, how it will benefit them and their wallet, and, most crucially, why they should buy their system from your solar company rather than someone else’s. Outline their specific requirements immediately from the start of the talk, and then go on to the specifics once they’ve had a feel of the overall picture.

Good Sense of Urgency

While each sales pitch relies on establishing a sense of urgency in order to close the deal, the solar industry is in a peculiar situation where the sense of urgency is extremely easy to exploit. Solar subsidies come and go on a regular basis, the ITC step-down has been moved back, altered, and extended several times, and net-metering tariffs are a source of disagreement in many areas. If you operate in a place where net-metering rates are now favorable, that should be your key selling point, as no one can promise that they will remain so forever.

Allowing the homeowner to understand that the value of solar panels could change at any time and that they would likely benefit from being lumped in at a lower price will build trust with your potential customer and demonstrate that you care about getting them panels at the best possible price. Urgency can also be created based on the season and the client’s requirements.

To Sum Up

When it comes to developing a good solar sales message for your green energy firm, you should make sure you cover all of your bases during the initial conversation instead of waiting for questions to come in. Create a sense of urgency, highlighting the advantages of solar installation as a whole, and be prepared to answer any questions.

Once you’ve piqued client interest, make sure you’ve prepared a lovely proposal for the homeowner to review and e-sign. In minutes, you can generate a full quote with Good, Better, and Best options, model shading, offer finance, and order permits all in one interface.


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