How To Create a Chatbot From Scratch: Tips and Tricks

Create a Chatbot From Scratch

Because of technological advancement worldwide and the desire to easily connect with anyone, chatbots have become a favorite of many companies – small and large. There are many reasons why any organization would love to build a chatbot from scratch. Chatbots are conventional forms of artificial intelligence designed to attend to consumer inquiries. These bots can improve your response time and ensure that you are more effective in converting leads.

Asides from being part of an organization’s sales structure, these programs are also used in Human Resource Management in many fields. There’s no doubt that these bots would increase your service delivery by leaps and bounds.

Now, you’ve learned about the usefulness of chatbots and how they can help your business, but you don’t know how to create one. There’s no need to panic. We’ve got you covered. This piece will teach you step-by-step techniques to create a chatbot from scratch. These steps include;

  • Determine the purpose of the chatbot
  • Analyze customer preferences
  • Design your conversation
  • Design a chatbot without coding
  • Design a chatbot with coding

Let’s begin!

Tips To Build a Chatbot From Scratch

Let’s say you’ve already determined to get this tool. What do you do? Well, you can learn to build a chatbot from scratch. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Many platforms can make it easier for you to create these bots. All that’s left are the tips on how to use them.

The following will help you build a chatbot effectively;

Determine The Purpose Of The Chatbot

Ask yourself, why do you need a chatbot? Without a doubt, a chatbot would make your lead generation or sales process more efficient and easier to control. So, how do you plan to integrate this chatbot into your business structure? And which methods do you wish to apply? The most significant use of chatbots would be to speed up response time and decipher vital information from big data. In simple terms, you’ll get to know which leads are interested and those that are just clicking to scan through your page.

Analyze customer preferences

Don’t just go ahead to design a chatbot that suits only your goals. You have to determine what your customers are expecting from you. If you already run a website or any form of a communication channel with your customers, it should be reasonably easy to determine their needs. Carefully analyze how your customers interact with your business. Do they do it through chat, email, phone calls, or social media? What type of sales service do they require from you? The answers to these questions will help create an AI chatbot.

Design Your Conversation

A chatbot is used to handle conversations with customers and prospects. Since you have determined the goal of building your chatbot, it will be easier to design a conversation. This stage will determine the level of user engagement your bots will get. We have two types of chatbot interaction, namely;

  • Structured Interaction – You’re already familiar with what your customer will say and create predetermined responses for them.
  • Unstructured interaction – This type of conversation flows freely, and nothing is pre-planned.

Design A Chatbot Without Coding

Let’s say you wish to have hands-on experience in building your chatbot but have no coding experience. To design your bot from scratch, you can use chatbot builder platforms, such as Botsify and Chatfuel. However, you may not develop programs to handle unstructured text. But you can easily create simple conversations.

Design A Chatbot With Coding

If you are experienced in coding, you can also design a chatbot with tools like, Microsoft Bot,, etc. However, you could hire professional chatbot developers to help you. This type of chatbot development will give you more control over the design process. You design programs for structured or unstructured interaction using this process.


And that’s all on how to build a chatbot from scratch. A chatbot can be a handy and general-purpose tool. Having deep insight into the problem you intend to solve will go a long way. These tips will help you design an effective chatbot from scratch.


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