How to Boost the Image of Your E-commerce Firm


The E-commerce sector of business has been enjoying impressive growth year-on-year. Globally, the sector is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.7% until 2027 and shows no signs of slowing down at present. The abundance of reliable home internet connections and smartphones that can effortlessly connect online has created a situation where billions of consumers regularly shop online. However, as an e-commerce business owner, you will be aware that the marketplace is becoming increasingly crowded. 

Competition can occur internationally and more startup firms continue to enter the virtual business space. It is vitally important to ensure that your business remains visible and that consumers start to prefer your site. A key way to achieve this is to boost the image of your e-commerce firm. Enjoying a positive company image will help your firm to stand out against competitors. In this article, some key ways to achieve this will be explored.

Delight customers with shipping options

As more people regularly shop online, they are seeking reliable delivery options at the checkout, often paying more for express delivery. Overseas companies that need to ship products over long distances will struggle to compete with a company that can fulfill orders more quickly. If your firm can offer a range of delivery options at different prices, including rapid delivery for a premium, you can differentiate yourself from international firms that ship across thousands of kilometers (often by sea channels). 

Courier and shipping firms such as Shiply have extensive experience in delivering a wide range of products to consumers, and they can offer highly competitive fees due to their business model. Such firms routinely fill their large vehicles with products and make multiple stops along regular routes. This allows lower fees to be charged per unit shipped. In short, make sure that your e-commerce firm has access to suitable delivery agents who can give you the means to offer a range of reliable delivery options for your customer base. 

Support good causes

Modern consumers are increasingly choosing to shop online with firms that can demonstrate that they are supporting good causes, such as charities, foundations, and grassroots organizations. Evidence suggests that 73% of Americans consider a company’s charitable work before purchasing from them. Ideally, you will want to pick a charity or good cause whose mission and values resonate with your target market

For example, if your market research demonstrates that your ideal customer has strong views about environmental conservation, supporting charities such as the WWF or other environmental organizations could be the ideal option. Simply put, demonstrating that your business is supporting good causes will help it stand out in the increasingly crowded online marketplace and enjoy an improved business image.

Target social media channels

Social media marketing can be a low-cost and incredibly effective way to promote your e-commerce firm and boost its image. Firstly, find channels or content creators on specific social media sites that are likely to be viewed by your customers. Create short but memorable campaigns featuring your promoted products and hyperlink to the product page. This will help to convert interested consumers into paying customers. In addition, regular social media marketing activities will help to keep your brand in the public eye, improving brand recognition and encouraging brand loyalty.



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