How to aim better in Call of Duty: Warzone

aim better in Call of Duty

Free on all platforms, the Warzone is Call of Duty’s massive new battleground. Up to 150 players can participate in two new game modes: Battle Royale and Plunder, with a chance to win real money. Grab a weapon and head off to battle for the top spot on the leaderboard.

The most critical feature of shooters, particularly battle royale games, is aiming, whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran. Even if you have the ideal position, you will lose the gunfight if you miss your shots. However, you can survive even the most dangerous conditions that Warzone may throw at you with a skilled aim.

The trouble with practicing your aim in battle royale games is that there is often a lot of downtime between firefights. You won’t get much time to perfect your aim if you’re in a region with no foes or if you perish before getting into a serious conflict.

These tips and some undetected warzone hacks can help you improve your aim in Call of Duty: Warzone

Determine the appropriate Warzone Sensitivity

No matter what you play Warzone with, sensitivity is one of the most crucial parts of your aim. Your aim will be sluggish if your sensitivity is set to slow, preventing you from efficiently tracking fast-moving players. In the case that your goal is too high, your crosshair will race past it as you overshoot. Shooting the bots in either Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode or Warzone’s practice mode will allow you to fine-tune your sensitivity.

  • Concentrate on your goal

Put another way, and you must always have the white crosshair in the centre of your screen where you expect attackers to be. Many battle royale players mistake looting while aiming at the ground. If someone leaps in front of you while your aim is on the ground, you’ll have to aim up to hit them, which takes time. 

You won’t need to alter your aim if you’ve got the crosshair focused where an adversary could appear, allowing you to snap onto them instantly. Once you’ve mastered focusing in Warzone, make sure your shots deal the most damage possible. The fastest way to kill foes is to hit them in the head, but it’s also the toughest.

  •  Practice your aim with the 3D Aim Trainer

You can download various aim trainers to warm up and perfect your mouse and keyboard aim. We recommend 3D Aim Trainer since it is not only free, but it also accurately simulates playing Warzone. You can adjust your FOV to match Warzone and practice with various Modern Warfare weaponry.

  • Sensitivity settings for your mouse and game controller

Keep experimenting and fine-tuning your sensitivity levels and settings until they are just right for you. Low sensitivity settings are a good choice if you’re just starting because they allow for more exact control.

  • On a PC, disable mouse acceleration and V-sync.

The Mouse Acceleration and Vertical Sync options in the game menu and your PC’s operating system settings should be turned off when playing on a PC. These are almost always going to cause you to miss your mark.

  • There are three options for Aim Assist

Standard, Experimental, and Enhanced Aim Assist modes are all available on the CODMW controller. With varying degrees of assistance, these Aim Assists work by slowing down your aim while you’re pointing close to a target.

  • Make Headshots Your Goal

When it comes to quickly killing your enemies, mastering the art of a headshot is a must. Prepare extensively to immediately locate your target, even in a brief interaction.

  • Strafe Your Shots to Align Them

Don’t use your hands to aim your weapons! You can practice keeping your aim still in a gunfight by strafing to better understand your horizontal aiming.

  • In the mid-to-long range, ADS and the close range, Hipfire

It isn’t always necessary to aim down your sights before firing. While its advantages in mid-and long-range battles, ADS will limit your field of vision, require a second to aim your gun, and make it more difficult to aim for closer targets.

  • Become Familiar with the Features of Your Gun

Test the effective range, shooting patterns, and other firearms data to become more familiar with them. You can also use attachments to customize these numbers.

  • Reduce Recoil by Mounting Your Gun

By mounting your weapon to the sides of obstacles, you can lessen your weapon’s recoil when firing. Make it a habit to mount your weapons to improve accuracy and hit your targets more frequently.


The best approach to improve your aim to engage in combat. Test your play skills in multiplayer mode (ideally TDM and other straightforward game modes). Although distinct from the multiplayer, CODMAN’s single-player campaign can also be used for practice. Playing through a cinematic battle between practices may be a refreshing change of pace.


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