InternetHow to Disable Chrome Notification Popups

How to Disable Chrome Notification Popups

You must be irritated by the pop-up ads you are receiving in your chrome tab whenever you open it. That’s why you are here as today we will tell you how to disable chrome notification popups permanently. This problem is a very common one and yes you have created this problem by your own unconsciously. Whenever you open a website that intends to send you the notifications of their newly posted content you clicked yes on the dialogue box that’s where you have created a problem for yourself. Now don’t worry we will tell you a step by step procedure which will help you resolve this problem in no time. You just have to follow the steps mentioned in this guide. Follow the steps orderly and your problem will be solved in no time.

Why Notification pop-ups

It is a technique to withdraw some more traffic on a website. An owner of a blog that you are visiting will try to make you a permanent reader of their blog and in this practice, the bloggers will try to send you the notifications of their newly posted contents so that you will visit them again. Whenever you visit a site that has enabled the notifications pop-ups will ask you for permission to send you the new post or offer their website is offering if you allow that you will receive notifications from that website regularly on your chrome tab.

This is a simple marketing practice that almost all website owners own. Sometimes these notifications can be helpful for you but only sometimes otherwise it will almost annoy you by popping here and there in your chrome window while opening it. This technique is not only practiced by some small websites. Also, some big business tycoons like Flipkart and Amazon also use it to increase their revenue sometimes. They send some exciting and jaw-dropping offers inside these popups and the people are convinced to click it and explore it.

Now disabling it is a very simple process and if you don’t know you can follow the steps written below on How to Disable Chrome Notification Popups. Follow it orderly if you want an expected result otherwise you won’t be able to Disable Chrome Notification Popups.

How to Disable Chrome Notification Popups

  1. Open up your computer then open Chrome.
  2. You can see a three-dot menuMore in the top right corner click it and open settings  and then Settings.
  3. In the settings tab get down to the bottom and select Advanced.
  4. Search for “Privacy and security,” and under that click Site/Content settings.
  5. Select Notifications.
  6. Choose to block or allow notifications:
    • Block all: If you want to block all the notifications from the site you will be visiting in the future then select Ask before sending.
    • Block a site: If you want to block the notifications from a particular website you can by following this: Next to “Block,” click Add. Now Enter the site and click Add.
    • Allow a site: IF you want to allow the pop-ups from some particular websites then you can follow this: Next to “Allow,” click Add. Now Enter the site and click Add.

That’s all on how to How to Disable Chrome Notification Popups by your own. We think that this guide will solve your problem. If yes then do share this guide with your knowns if they are facing the same problems. If your problem is not resolved you can tell us in the comment section we will try to solve your query as soon as possible. Visit regularly to know more amazing things and guide which can help you. Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon.

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