Amazon price tracker: How to install chrome extension?

Amazon price tracker

Shopping online can be a fickle task, especially when you want the best prices possible. Many of us go to Amazon, the world’s largest eCommerce site, to do most of our online shopping. Although Amazon is a giant and guarantees consumer satisfaction, you may need to see the desired discounts. The solution to this is to install a price tracker for Amazon.

An Amazon price tracker Chrome will scan millions of Amazon products every day, sometimes many times per day, for price fluctuations and notify users when a specific product’s price changes. Read on to learn how to install a price tracker Chrome extension and how to save money by utilizing one. 

The Amazon Effect

Have you ever considered how easy it is to shop online? Have you ever been irritated by long lines in stores or having to wait a long time for service? You are most likely experiencing the Amazon Effect

Amazon established the online shopping trend by making consumers feel at ease with eCommerce and allowing them to purchase from anywhere with an internet connection. Nowadays, consumers increasingly expect more and want the same experience online and in stores.

The “Amazon effect” depicts a significant shift in consumer expectations created by Amazon’s strong focus on meeting customers’ requirements in retail, particularly eCommerce. Furthermore, the name itself underscores Amazon’s dominance in online sales and in streamlining deliveries, which has caused most of the industry’s shift.

While Amazon promises consumers an almost frictionless shopping experience, they are swimming in options and won’t hesitate to shop for the best deals, regardless of their loyalties. However, there is a way to get the best possible prices without sacrificing the convenience of Amazon.

What is an Amazon price tracker?

In a nutshell, a price tracker is a software instrument that helps online merchants and manufacturers track the prices of competitors and dealers. It simplifies and automates price tracking while also providing data for pricing decisions.

Price trackers can also assist consumers in getting the products they want at a lesser price by delivering a notification whenever the price of a product drops on Amazon. A price tracker provides the price history of an item, letting consumers know when the price of a product changes and when it is likely to change again. A price tracker makes it easy to understand when is the best time to buy.

Slow shopping with price tracking

One major advantage of using a price tracker is that it encourages slow shopping. This means that consumers are less likely to make impulse purchases as they wait for the price of a product to drop while also having time to consider whether they need or want the item. 

While the instant gratification of buying something new feels excellent, once the item arrives, you might be hit with the reality that you’ve wasted money on something you didn’t want. Even worse, the product is on sale the next time you check Amazon.

With price tracking, you play the long game. Not only will you eventually get what you want for the price you want, but you will also consider whether the product is worth the investment. Save your money and heartache by utilizing a price tracker.

How to install an Amazon price tracker and use it?

When you shop online, an Amazon price tracker, such as Sugar, activates, searches its database, and automatically pulls a price graph history on the item you’re after. This data assists users in determining whether it is an excellent time to buy. Furthermore, if a coupon is discovered, Sugar will immediately apply it. If you’re still undecided, add the item to your watch list, and Sugar will inform you when the price drops.

When you add a product to your wishlist, Sugar incorporates it into its tracking algorithm and notifies you when the price dramatically changes. When the price is reduced within your chosen parameters, a notification is delivered to your browser, enabling you to purchase the product at the lowest available price.

Can Amazon price tracker be a Chrome extension?

While a price tracker could be a complex program, you must run it on your device; it can be an extension of your browser. An extension is a software that adds a specific feature to your browser. With Sugar, the work is going on in the background while you browse Amazon and add products to your wishlist.

Sugar is simple to install and use:

  1. Install the Sugar Chrome browser extension.
  2. Go to an Amazon product you’ve been eyeing and add it to your wish list.
  3. Determine a discount rate that is within your budget.
  4. Be alerted when the price falls.


Consumers can enjoy the convenience of Amazon while also getting the lowest price possible on the products they want. An Amazon price tracker browser extension is a valuable tool in your online shopping arsenal, saving you time and money. 


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