5 Things Every Android User Should Know To Keep Their Mobile Safe from Hackers

how to deal with hacking or tapping your phone

The world of technology is developing rapidly, and various phone manufacturers are now also starting to issue some new features that are arguably more sophisticated. But along with this, it turns out that your smartphone has the potential to be hacked or tapped by other people. 

As a mobile phone user, you also need to be aware of the presence of these hackers. Hacking incidents have often been heard, and more and more victims have been affected. And, of course, one of their main targets is none other than our smartphone.

A mobile phone is a small object in the hand that contains almost all of the user’s activities digitally. Starting from email to applications related to finance to entertainment applications. 

In addition to being vigilant, you can check if hackers have tapped your smartphone. The method is also easy, just looking at the performance of several aspects on the cellphone, which may be quite decreased because other parties are basically controlling it. 

In the following article, we will explain the characteristics and how to deal with hacking or tapping your phone.

Signs of Your Phone Being Hacked

Those who make mischief secretly by using technology are usually called hackers. They do not hesitate to hack or tap many people’s smartphones for sheer profit. Therefore you need to know the characteristics and how to deal with a hacked or tapped cellphone.

1. Phone Batteries Run Out Quickly

Usually, the characteristic of a smartphone that has been tapped or hacked, the battery runs out faster than usual. This is because some applications or systems work invisibly, thus making the phone work even harder than usual.

It should also be noted that to send your data, the spy application installed by the hacker must run continuously in the background. The impact is that your smartphone will definitely get hot easily, and the battery will be wasteful. This is, of course, dangerous for your device.

You can start checking your battery usage. If a strange program continues to run, it could be that someone is tapping your smartphone. To remove the problem completely, you can do the simple steps to protect your phone from being hacked. We’ll explain it further later.

2. Mobile Data Runs Out Quicker

In addition to wasteful battery because foreign applications are running in the background, a bugged smartphone also usually have mobile data wasted much faster, even though you rarely use it yourself. It turns out that other internet quota streams are working secretly. In addition, internet mobile data is also used to transfer your personal data to the hacker.

Because these suspicious applications continue sending data outside without your knowledge, your important data will automatically become theirs in seconds. Therefore, it is very important not to open a risky site or website because your data could be stolen.

3. Strange Application Appears on Your Phone

To tap a smartphone, hackers or related parties usually must install additional applications on the target smartphone. Uniquely, these hackers used to hide the application.

If you suddenly see a strange application, even though you don’t feel like downloading or installing it, then there is a possibility that a suspicious person is tapping your smartphone.

To outsmart it, try looking in the Settings menu and selecting Applications or Application Manager, then see if there are foreign applications on your smartphone or cellphone. If it turns out that there is a suspicious application you feel like never installed, it could be malware or a spy application that stole your data.

5 Things Every Android User Should Know To Keep Their Mobile Safe from Hackers   

Smartphones have become an essential everyday device in our lives. The average person spends more than four hours using a smartphone every day. The mere thought of a lost smartphone is enough to make us nervous.

Reports show that more than 40 smartphones are stolen daily on the streets, most of which are never returned. So, what can be done? It’s time to secure your smartphone so it’s safe from thieves and hackers (in case your phone is lost/stolen) and also safe from cyber attacks.

Here are five tips to protect your smartphone from being safe from hackers.

1. Encryption

Android lets you encrypt all the data on your device. You should set the setting to enter a password or PIN every time the device is turned on. This seems cumbersome, but if the smartphone falls into the wrong hands, there is no way to access the data without a password or PIN.

2. Automatic screen lock

Automatic screen lock lets you protect your device using a pattern, PIN, or password. The lock can be activated via the device’s security settings. 

The device can be set to lock automatically after a certain period or by pressing the power button.

3. Don’t use unknown wi-fi

Don’t use an unknown wi-fi network. Instead, use the data plan provided by the mobile operator. Data plan costs may be high, but at least you’re safer using your own network than free, unsecured wi-fi, especially if you do banking quite often.

4. Check the application source

Official app stores such as Google Play and the App Store verify and scan their apps. There you can access and download any application safely. Only download apps from familiar links.

5. Installing Antivirus

If you frequently browse websites and download content from the internet to your smartphone, you should install an antivirus. There are many free Antiviruses like AVG Free and Avast. But it never hurts to spend a little money and buy a paid antivirus like Norton or Kaspersky.


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