Tech Best Screen Recorder to Record Zoom Meeting on Windows/Mac OS

[2022] Best Screen Recorder to Record Zoom Meeting on Windows/Mac OS

Recording Zoom meetings is an easy task even though you are not the host, but many people find it difficult. The reason is that they do not have professional screen recording software at hand. 

Do you face a similar challenge as above? If so, and you need a solution, you’re surely on the right platform. Here we will introduce you to the best screen recorder for Zoom meetings. Also, we will provide you with a stepwise guide on how to use the software. 

Best Screen Recorder to Record Zoom Meeting on Windows/Mac OS

Presently, EaseUS RecExperts is one of the best screen recorders known by experts to provide quality services. This cross-platform software works perfectly on multiple operating systems, including Mac, and Windows. It’s very easy to use – thanks to the interactive user interface. 

The software can be used to record online conferences that require third-party apps like Teams, and Webex. You can also rely on it to provide you with that top-notch service you seek each time you want to know how to record Zoom meeting without permission. EaseUS RecExperts prints its outputs in HD, unlike its competitors’ prints its outputs- a unique feature that makes it stand out.  

Key Features 

  • Well-designed with an interactive interface 
  • Records video conferences of third party apps like Zoom, Webex, Team, GoToMeeting, and more
  • Includes audio to video recordings 
  • Supports the use of camera like Webcam 
  • Offers services in both free and premium versions 

How to Record Zoom Meetings on PC

Depending on the PC operating system you use, the technique involved in recording Zoom meetings with EaseUS RecExperts differs. 

Find below the instructions you have to follow to record Zoom meetings on Windows and Mac OS. 

Stepwise Guide to Record Zoom Meetings on Windows Using EaseUS RecExperts

Step 1: Download and install a compatible version of EaseUS RecExperts on your Windows computer via the official website. Once the installation is over, launch the software. 

Step 2: Next, join a Zoom meeting, and select the portion of the screen you wish to record. For full screen, tap on Full Screen and if it’s a portion of the screen you want to record, kindly click on Region

Step 3: Once the above is set, move your cursor to the Sound tab and then click on it. The interface below will pop up: 

Here you have two options to select from; System Sound and Microphone. Kindly select your preferred sound option. 


Step 4: Now that you’ve enabled sound, navigate your way to the Settings tab and click on it. A new interface with a couple of settings options on the left will appear on your screen just as shown below: 

Select General and then make necessary adjustments by choosing your preferred storage path, output format, quality, framerate, and GPU hardware acceleration. 

Step 5: Now tap on REC to instruct EaseUS RecExperts to start recording a Zoom meeting. 

Wait a while for the recording to complete then click on the red square icon 🟥 to stop recording. 

Stepwise Guide to Record Zoom Meetings on Mac Using EaseUS RecExperts

Download and install the latest version of EaseUS RecExperts on your Mac OS, then follow the instructions given below: 

Step 1: Open EaseUS RecExperts on your Mac OS, and then choose whether you want to record your entire screen or a portion of it. Full Screen allows you to capture your whole Mac screen while Region lets you record a selected portion. 

Step 2: Set EaseUS RecExperts to record audio by clicking on the Sound icon. A couple of options will pop up underneath the Sound section just as shown below: 

Choose your preferred sound option; System sound or Microphone, and then click on OK to complete the setup. 


Step 3: Now, launch Zoom and then tap on the REC button at the upper right corner of your screen to start screen recording. 

Step 4: When recording starts, a floating toolbar with Pause and Stop icons at the center in it will pop up. Here is an image for a better understanding: 

Click on the red square icon 🟥 to end the screen recording. 


Some extended knowledge questions and answers are shared below to help you understand the topic better. Kindly check them out: 

Is it possible to screen record a Zoom Meeting without permission? 

Yes, of course! You can take a screen record of a Zoom Meeting without requesting permission from the host if you have the right screen recording software. There are countless software online claiming to offer this service. We simple you to use EaseUS RecExperts- the #1 screen recording software for Windows and Mac OS.

How do I record Zoom Meetings with audio as a participant? 

Including audio sound in your Zoom meeting recordings is easy but the stepwise guide on how to do that depends on what screen recording software you are using. We did introduce the EaseUS RecExperts software in the article above and a stepwise guide on how to use it was also included. You can refer to the guide or better yet, employ the step by step guide below: 

  • Click on the Sound tab
  • A drop-down menu with different sound options will pop up; Microphone or Sound system
  • You can choose to select one or both of them
  • Once that’s set, tap on OK 

Can I record a Zoom Meeting with my mobile phone? 

Recording Zoom Meetings with your mobile phone is possible. However, it’s crucial you bear in mind that you have to be the host of the meeting or a co-host to execute such action. If you are a participant, then you need to use third-party software to make a screen record of Zoom Meetings. 


Ultimately, EaseUS RecExperts is the best screen recorder for Windows and Mac OS. With the simple user interface and mind-blowing features it supports, you can count on the software for excellent results. EaseUS RecExperts outputs are stored in high quality. 

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