5 Best Xposed Modules for Android Nougat

Xposed Modules for Android Nougat

After almost a graceful year, we now have a stable build for the much anticipated Xposed Framework for devices running Android Nougat. Some stated the reason for the delay has been caused due to the tiny new aesthetic and fundamental UI tweaks that have changed from Android Marshmallow to Nougat, while many others just blamed the developers for being lazy. Whatever the reason might’ve been, better late than never, we are counting down the Best Xposed Modules for Android Nougat.

It is good to note that Xposed requires your Android Nougat device to be rooted. The entire process of flashing the framework is a bit of a stretch, but with a correct guide and some patience in your hands, you will be able to do wonders. Check below guide for Best Xposed Modules for Nougat

Xposed Modules for Android Nougat

Talking about Modules, they are basically little add-ons to your already-awesome Android device. You have a module to fake your location, another one to block ads, another to turn WhatsApp into a mini-spy app, and so much more. For the sake of simplicity, we have picked our top 5 Xposed Nougat Modules for the layman, for a person who has just finished installing Xposed on his/her Android device, so without any further adieu, let’s begin! Check out 5 Best Xposed Modules for Android Nougat.

5 Best Xposed Modules for Android Nougat

1) Greenify

Although available as an app on the Play Store for non-Xposed and non-rooted users, once you combine the mighty powers of both Xposed and Greenify, you will never crave for extra battery life ever. Greenify intelligently ‘hibernates’ your apps, and you get to choose which ones stay awake in the background and which don’t. This increases the battery capacity of your device by a huge chunk since there is little to none battery drain in the background checking for useless emails and messages.

2) Gravity Box

Next up, Gravity Box is essentially like a mini powerhouse for extending the capabilities of your Android device. It contains various tweaks, both hardware, and software, ranging from the famous Pie controls to hardware key customization. If your Android device doesn’t necessarily support any big and stable Custom ROMs, then definitely give this one a try! No doubt Gravity Box is one of the best Xposed module available for Android Nougat.

Gravity Box

3) WhatsApp Extensions

Easily the most favorite on our list, this module enhances the way you use your WhatsApp account to its fullest. Once installed, you will be able to take total control of your status, read receipts, last seen and much more. Additional features like being able to lock specific chats, zooming in on profile pictures, and being able to set custom wallpapers for each chat really make this module a must-try.

Whatsapp Extension

4) Boot Manager

This module does exactly what it says – it allows you to manage the services that are automatically loaded up when you boot up your smartphone, on a per-app basis. While some OEMs and even Custom ROMs have this feature built in, this module is a lot more reliable and the UI-ugliness does compensate itself with a really powerful set of functions.

Boot Manager

5) Xstana

This last module on our list is surely one of the more eye-catching ones out there. No, this isn’t a fully fledged theme engine, but this can virtually change the entire look of your device’s navigation bar. You can download thousands of themes from the Play Store, and with the help of this module, not only be able to change the layout but the color, the behavior and much more.


That was it for our countdown featuring some of the Best Xposed Modules for Android Nougat. We ask you the same question, if you were to live with only one Xposed Module from this list, what would it be and why? Go on, the comments section is waiting for you!


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