How to Turn Notch into a Battery Indicator (All Devices)

Most of the recent midrange and flagship devices are shipping with the display notches. Some users find it useful but not everyone agrees. The company’s place sensor and front camera in the notched area but some creative minds make that notch more useful by displaying the battery status across the notch. This can be possible by using an app called Notch Live Wallpaper which Turn Notch into a Battery Indicator.

The Notch Live app can be used as live wallpaper to show the battery level indicator perfectly fit around the notches. The app supports almost all notch shapes including the Galaxy S10/+ cutouts. The battery bar appears exactly as the size of the notch and can be easily customized. It would allow you to get rid of the battery percentage indicator on the status bar and clearing up some space.

The app lets you changed change the battery indicator colors based on the percentage. You can set different colors at a different level of percentage and while charging. You can set your own wallpaper and adjust the height and width of the battery bar indicator. Check How to Turn Notch into a Battery Indicator from below.

How to Turn Notch into a Battery Indicator

The Notch & S10 Battery bar – Live wallpaper app comes in two versions a free version and a paid version that lets you select any wallpaper you wish and gives you lots of options for customization. For Android Pie users should grant special access to the app as the OS automatically kills the background process. You can easily do that by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization > Notch Live > Don’t Optimize.

  1. Download and Install the Notch & S10 Battery bar – Live wallpaper from Playstore – Free Version, Paid Version (I recommend to use the paid version as it gives lots of options)
  2. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization > Notch Battery > Don’t Optimize.
  3. Now open the app and select the Notch style your phone has.
  4. Set the wallpaper of your choice and apply.

Wrapping Up:

Users have the option to disable/Hide the notch but that end up with an ugly artificial upper bezel. Also, users find a way to hide it with some unique wallpapers designed. You can make Notch more useful by using the Notch Live app which Turns Notch into a Battery Indicator.


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