TechThe Power of Videos in Marketing

The Power of Videos in Marketing

With how much power videos have, it is no wonder why they are more popular than ever before. How do they work? Videos are more engaging than text or images. What makes this kind of marketing so effective is that you can tell a story in a way words cannot express.

Although some may think that videos are only successful because of the audio sound effects, the truth is this: this form of marketing works because it stimulates consumers’ imaginations and senses through sights and sounds; not to mention appealing to consumers’ sense of humor.

The world has become even more visual with advertising agencies moving towards video production for their clients. This is because people who like to watch-not read will recall something they saw better than if they heard it.

After a person has seen a great video, they might watch it again, which is the key to gaining new customers and enticing your current ones. The more times people see your ad, the more likely they are to buy from you. In addition, even if someone did not buy something from you on their first impression of your business or brand, maybe seeing it again will change their minds about purchasing your product.

Power of Videos in Marketing

What marketers have found is that when advertising videos go viral on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, companies get high exposure for an extremely low cost of production since they do not need to pay for airtime or print space.

What is the best way to use video in marketing?

When using videos in marketing, it is important that they are no longer than 90 seconds since viewers tend to lose interest after that amount of time. There are three types of videos that you should be using for your business – product demos, testimonials from customers, and company overviews. The first one is useful for introducing your services to the world, the second helps to build trust in your business by using accounts from your customers who are satisfied with what you sell, and the third helps potential consumers understand how great it would be to do business with you.

The Benefits of Using Video in Marketing

Video marketing can be used in many ways, including public relations, e-commerce, and storytelling. A video is a way to show potential customers the advantages of doing business with you. It allows your company to empathize with others even if they are not present.

When using video in marketing, it is important that you catch their attention quickly so that people will not change the channel or leave your page. You want them to see how great the benefits are for being affiliated with your brand.

Another advantage of using videos in marketing includes building trust with current and prospective clients by having actual consumers share their experiences working with your business. People typically listen more when someone’s words come from personal experience rather than someone trying to sell them something.

Another way that you can use video in marketing is through public relations. Many non-profit organizations are using this approach for spreading the word about their cause. They often produce videos about how they help people out in need and share it with the world to spread awareness.

Now that you know how important videos are in marketing, how can you make your own video content?

Make sure you have an idea before filming anything. Do not just record an idea, knowing that it could work if you filmed it. Write a script for what you want to say and how the video should look.

Power of Videos in Marketing

Do your research on popular videos that are similar to yours before starting, so that you can have insight into what works and what does not. Pay attention to all of the details, such as font sizes and colors, so that you do not make any embarrassing mistakes with your video marketing campaign.

Once you have finished filming, be sure to edit it – but do not overdo it because no one wants to watch a 10-minute video of yourself talking about your services or products; but there is nothing wrong with having some fun during parts of the video! For example, you can insert some animation or graphics to enhance your message.

Power of Videos in Marketing

Once it is finished, upload it to online video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo so that the world may see what you are all about!

Try to create videos that will appeal to your target audience. For example, if you have a younger audience, use more youthful music. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of videos. One minute does not seem like a long time until it is up on the screen and you are recording yourself trying to say everything that you want in that short amount of time. If you do not think that it will work out, then scrap the idea before wasting valuable time and money!

It is important never to use “canned” responses for your video marketing campaign. You want the audience to see that you are a real person and not just someone who is reading off of a script. Make sure to use professional equipment so your customers do not cringe at the poor quality of your video.

Many people’s attention will quickly fade if they feel like they are being forced to watch something for too long. Thus keeping it short and sweet is better. At this point, you should have everything in order so consumers can get a taste of what you have to offer or learn more about your company in an interesting way.

In conclusion, video marketing is powerful and can also be a great way to have your customers show the world how awesome working with you is, as opposed to using traditional advertising methods such as print ads and TV commercials. Now that you know what video marketing entails and how it works, start putting those videos to good use. Get creative and have fun with it!

Veronica Fortuna
Veronica Fortuna is a content writer and PR outreach specialist at VEED.IO. She also self-published a poetry collection entitled Wait in Hope.


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