How to Remove Shorts from YouTube app

How to Remove Shorts from YouTube app

YouTube Shorts is quickly becoming a viable alternative to short video apps such as TikTok, Reels, and others. However, not everyone enjoyed the idea of seeing short video stories. It could be too short for entertainment, or it could be a way to brag and force others to watch pointless and annoying content. Well, there is no official method or setting on your device to turn this off. Still, we’ve discovered some excellent methods to remove Shorts from the YouTube app.

A lot of people loved this new YouTube Shorts feature. However, people who need informative and useful content are often on the lookout for detailed videos. That’s why we’ve put up a guide that will show you how to disable YouTube Shorts from the YouTube app.

How to Remove Shorts from YouTube app

I provided the easiest and most efficient approach for removing Shorts from the YouTube app. This post will not only show you how to disable the YouTube Shorts tab but also how to entirely remove it.

Method 1: Remove Shorts tab from YouTube app using Youtube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube’s official app. It enhances the normal YouTube app with features like built-in adblocking, background and screen off playback, dark themes, auto-repeat mode, and much more. Aside from this, Youtube Vanced is the best option to permanently remove Youtube short tab. Here’s how to disable YouTube short tab and return to the original YouTube layout.

  1. First, install Youtube Vanced on your device. (If you don’t know how then check this guide to install Youtube Vanced)
  2. Open Youtube Vanced app and go to app settings.
  3. Go to Vanced settings.
  4. Go to Ads Settings.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and turn on Shorts self toggle.
  6. Now Go back and open layout settings.
  7. Turn on the comment location (alpha) section to disable Youtube short button.

Method 2: Disable Youtube Shorts using the browser

Currently, the browser version of YouTube doesn’t contain YouTube shorts. To watch YouTube without shorts, open any browser on your Android or iPhone and navigate to the YouTube website. The best part about using YouTube via your browser is that you can access all of the amazing features that aren’t available in the app. You can also use your account to log in.

Wrapping Up: Remove Youtube Shorts

We hope that these approaches assisted you to get rid of shorts videos on Youtube easily. Have any questions? Do let us know that in the comments below. Stay connected with us via Facebook and Twitter to read more such helpful posts.


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