Popular Third-Party WhatsApp client GBWhatsApp Shutsdown

Popular Third-Party WhatsApp client GBWhatsApp Shutsdown

The developers behind GBWhatsApp a popular third party WhatsApp client officially shut down its services and completely stopped the development of GBWhatsApp app.

GBWhatsApp gaining lots of popularity lately as it brings lots of feature and tweaks which you won’t find in the official WhatsApp app. GBWhatsApp let you hide your online status, mask their last seen date, hide and download status, using dark mode, change the font as well as the whole theme of the app and many more.

WhatsApp has been against these mods for a long time and also they previously shutdown popular mod from the same developer WhatsApp plus over violation of their policies. Now GBWhatsApp comes under the WhatsApp radar and shutting down its services even without any explanations.

The announcement has been made via GBMods official Telegram channel where developer announced that the service is shutting down with no further developments expected.  GBWhatsApp stated:

“We are really sorry to announce that we have completely stopped the development of GBWhatsApp. It was a great time with all you people. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hence we have closed all the site, social accounts, and everything. There will be no further development.”

Current users of the service will be able to use the app until around the end of August when the app is set to expire due to lack of updates. However, there are still many mods available but I won’t recommend you to download any of them as there is always a great security concern with these applications.

The company already announced that they will temporarily ban account of users who have been using modified versions of the app like WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp. If you don’t switch to the official app after being temporarily banned, your account might be permanently banned from using WhatsApp.


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