Let’s Get Started With This Year’s Christmas Decorations!

Christmas Decorations

Christmas can be so much fun, but the preparation can be quite overwhelming – and if you are the lucky one to host Christmas dinner, even more so! There are many design choices to be made before you start decorating for the festive season – what will your décor theme be, will it be minimalist or maximalist in its execution, and how do you keep your sanity while trying to do this in a way that is fun for everyone? The good news is that you can sit back and breathe – let’s look at this process step by step and see what the best approach is. 

Your home is a blank slate

Until you start decorating, everything is potential! A great suggestion is to take some pictures of walls, surfaces, and outside areas that you would like to decorate, and use these photos to refer back to when you are out buying décor supplies, Christmas tree decorations, and other elements you would like to incorporate into your overall look. A lack of planning can result in busy too many decorations, or too few, and either way, you will end up either having wasted money or not being able to do what you set out to do. 

When you start looking at your home from a perspective of decorating, and not out of habit, you will be amazed at how differently you suddenly see things!

What decorations should I definitely invest in?

Many people see Christmas lights and a Christmas tree as the cornerstone of Christmas decorations. There are many schools of thought around Christmas tree decorations, where some people prefer to keep it structured with store-bought decorations, while others like the quirkiness of homemade decorations, and might incorporate ornaments made by friends and family, to give their tree that personal touch.

Others prefer to incorporate elements of nature into their décor, using pinecones, berries, evergreen foliage, and even nuts to decorate their homes with, as a tribute to the display nature treats us to at the end of the year. The style you choose doesn’t really matter, but what is important, is that you stick to a theme once you’ve chosen one, to prevent your overall look from becoming haphazard. 

Is a real or artificial Christmas tree better? 

Smaller spaces often benefit from an artificial Christmas tree, as you will be able to buy one according to a size that is suitable for your home. The lighting, paint color, and architecture of the room will also influence how the tree appears, so take that into consideration, especially with artificial trees, where the colors can often appear differently. 

Many people argue that a natural tree is a way to go, but make your decision based on all the factors in your life, to ensure that the tree you choose is suited to your circumstances and lifestyle. 

How do I make my décor look like a single theme?

Thing brings a Christmas décor scheme together quite like Christmas lights. Not only can you use them to make your tree appear brighter and more festive, but you can also use it on trees, furniture, banisters, and any other surface you would like to decorate! 

You can even consider buying your lights in different colors, or, if you are going for an artificial tree anyway, why not consider getting a pre-lit one? These smart little trees have LED lights built into the branches, which means you won’t have to spend more on buying your strings of lights separately. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count!

What is the best type of light? 

In your search for the right set of Christmas lights, you might encounter LED and incandescent options. The way these different types of lights consume power is very different, so take that into account when you decide. 

It is best advised not to mix the different types, as they consume power differently, and linking an incandescent string to an LED string could result in power supply issues. Incandescent bulbs burn at a much warmer temperature, and use more power, while Led lights use a fraction of the power and burn a lot cooler. Less power means that you can link more LED lights without overloading your system and causing the power to trip. Food for thought when trying to make the right choice!


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