How can you create an on-demand app for food delivery similar to Swiggy?

food delivery app

Food delivery apps such as Swiggy are the necessity of the moment. In recent years on-demand food delivery services have been able to meet the increasing demands of those working at their homes. The apps for food delivery are not just blessings in disguise for customers but also a huge benefit to business owners. If it weren’t for apps like Swiggy many companies would have been closed.

Through the development of apps for food delivery such as Swiggy, they connect consumers to restaurants and food establishments and ensure top-quality delivery within a time-bound time.

The beginning

Swiggy was launched in 2014 with an easy-to-use simple interface. Nandan Reddy Rahul Jaimini, as well as Sriharsha Majety, created an online platform for food delivery that allows restaurants within the area to show their menus to ensure that customers can place orders and receive food delivered in 30-40 minutes. The app makes it possible for users to monitor their orders in real time.

The services of Swiggy were quickly accepted by the people of Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Pune and made it possible for its users to expand beyond these cities.

What is it that makes food delivery online apps so well-known?

Nobody has the time to stand in long lines to get food, reservations for tables, or peruse menus in this fast-paced society. The most convenient method to obtain the food they desire is to use an online delivery application. Therefore, most people who work or those who have a busy schedule and bachelor, students, or even those not able to cook are drawn to apps such as Swiggy.

Several elements are what make Swiggy popular with people. Like, for instance,

  • Delivery time is short
  • Doorstep delivery
  • Multiple payment options
  • Numerous discounts and special offers
  • Many options
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Reviews and comments from customers

These features help users make use of the services provided by Swiggy since it offers the ultimate comfort for the user.

Let’s take a look at a few of these in more detail.

A beautiful and user-friendly interface

Food delivery apps are an easily accessible version of your preferred restaurant directly from your smartphone. Swiggy has an interface that is easy to grasp and quick to find what they require. If you don’t provide an easy interface, you may lose customers to competitors. Simple is the foundation design Swiggy design.

Access to information

The most significant characteristic is its information. It is important to make sure that your app can access all the necessary information for users like menus, operating times, and locations of restaurants. The customer can make orders for food quickly and easily, and also interact using the app.

Payment options

Food delivery apps on the internet offer many options to pay. This is among the most appealing attributes. An increased number of payment options will encourage users to download your application. Additionally, it ensures that their personal information is safe. This is vital.

Discounts and special offers

Everyone would agree on delicious, affordable food. Discounts and deals are as icing on the cake which makes it more attractive to customers. The development of this type of plan is essential for the growth of any company. Owners and customers benefit from offering rewards and discounts.


Notifications via push notifications are the most efficient method for apps to get users to download them. Furthermore, this helps you not just let users know what you have to offer as well as influencing them to sign up for the app. This can assist in building relationships with your customers.

Chat on-app

Customers can ask questions about payments, queries, and other issues using the chat in-app. It will help you increase communication with your users by utilizing this feature. Chat on the app helps in resolving questions from customers quickly and easily.

User reviews and ratings

Offering customers the option to give feedback and reviews regarding their experience when ordering food can help you gain your customer’s trust. The same importance should be placed on feedback and rating options in the app so that anyone wanting to order food from the restaurant can make an informed choice from experience. Customers are the foundation of any brand that is successful. Their loyalty can help build your business’s reputation.

What’s the way an app for food delivery works?

Food apps like Swiggy focus on local food delivery. The app for food delivery includes information about restaurants, menus, the cost of food items as well as operating hours and their location. Customers can search by typing in the restaurant’s name dishes, menu items, or other cuisines using the menu search. The search results in an array of choices from which the user can pick the one they think are the best fit. Users can decide based on the available discounts and offers along with other reviews and reviews.

Food delivery services can be made faster by saving delivery places. Users can filter their choices based on their personal preferences. Users have a variety of options to payment options, such as UPI and electronic wallets, debit or credit cards, and food credit cards as well as others. The app lets users look up their previous orders including invoices, payments, and the amount of their wallet. Customers can manage delivery address information as well.

The components of a food delivery app such as Swiggy

Food apps like Swiggy focus on hyper-local food delivery. The app for food delivery will provide information on restaurants, menus, prices of food items, operating hours, and the location. Customers can search by typing in the names of their favorite restaurant’s food items or items using the bar for search. The search results in an array of choices that the user can pick the one they think is most appropriate. The user may also decide on the available discounts and offers as well as other reviews and reviews.

Food delivery services can be made faster by saving delivery places. Users can filter their choices based on their personal preferences. The customer has a wide range of options for checking out options, such as UPI and electronic wallets, debit or credit cards, as well as food cards among others. The app lets users look up their previous orders including invoices, payments, and the amount of their wallet. The app also lets users manage the delivery address of their purchases.

The components of a food delivery application like Swiggy.

In the age of smartphones, this notion is sensible. If one is hungry, one ought to be able to place orders for food regardless of where they are. With apps such as Swiggy users can make orders within a shorter time at their preferred restaurants so that they can enjoy their favorite food at the click of one button. This is among the reasons that apps for food delivery are growing in popularity.

The app for food delivery is made up of the following elements:

  • App for the user
  • Restaurant app
  • Admin panel
  • Driver app

App for users


Log in or sign up using your email address or social media login credentials or your phone number.

Search option

Users can look up their favorite food at nearby eateries.


Customers can avail of special offers, discounts as well as promo codes while placing an order, which will save them money.

Check out your order

The items you choose are added to the customer carts. They are stored in their accounts. They are available for purchase anytime.

Multiple payments

Customers can pay the total amount for the order by using different payment methods.

Swiggy wallet

The wallet in the app allows users to pay quickly for their orders.

Tracking of orders

After placing the order, customers can follow the order to determine when it will be delivered.


Delivery and restaurant personnel are rated by customers who can review the establishment. customer support

Support for customers is available 24 hours a day for any queries regarding payments or orders.


Customers can place orders for their preferred food items by logging in to the order details.

Order cancellation

Users can choose to cancel their order if there is an error in the order, or if it can’t be delivered to the destination they desire.

Update or add an  address

The user can modify their address, or even add another address if they’re delivering to a different location.

Add it to your favorite

Customers can add their favorite dishes to their favorites so they can order quickly what they’d like.

Restaurant app

Time management

Restaurant owners can manage and update the hours of operation for the restaurant using the app.

Menu management

You can also manage the items on their list and their prices using the application.

Management of orders

Based on the location of different customers, the owner of the restaurant will handle orders from diverse customers and distribute the orders to drivers.

Discounts and offers

Owners can offer special discounts and coupons to convince customers to buy food through the app.

Multiple payments

Offer different payment methods that customers can choose from.

Admin panel

Content management

In the mobile food delivery app, admins can control content from any place.

Category management

Administrators can manage the categories of various food items.

User management

Administrators can manage the registered users.

Restaurant management

Administrators can also oversee the restaurants that are listed on the app.

Push messages

Customers receive alerts via email regarding recent promotions or registrations, and details of orders such as.

Tracking of location

The administrator can forward the users’ orders to the driver and control the location.

Backup of databases

Administrators can save driver, customer,r, and restaurant information to use in the future.

Analytics and reports

An analysis of the growth of a business can be accomplished by looking at usage reports.

Requests to withdraw

Administrations can approve the restaurant’s request to withdraw and also refunds.

Access order details

In the admin, application admins can view each order that is placed, the complete information about the order, and its status.

Driver app


With the driver application motorists can back up and modify their details.

Request for an order

They can review the status of their orders and either accept or deny delivery based on their preferences and availability.

Tracking location

The tracking of the location of the customer will allow the driver to get orders to the client in time.

Service availability

When you make an order drivers may also declare whether or not they are available.

Information about delivery

Drivers can look up the details of an order, including the order’s location the user’s name, location, etc.

History of the order and information about payment

The most complete information on past orders and payment history can be obtained from drivers.

Other Features of Swiggy

In response to the growing popularity of delivery apps on-demand, Swiggy has introduced new features that allow customers to access any service they require via Swiggy. Instead of creating separate apps for various solutions, Swiggy acts as an umbrella service for various options like on-demand package delivery, as well as on-demand delivery of groceries.

Swiggy Instamart

Swiggy has announced its latest venture, Instamart, to facilitate the delivery of groceries, as well as other items to customers. This is in response to the increasing number of online orders, especially for groceries and food. Instant can be described as an internet-based store for convenience. From quick food, frozen drinks,s and snacks, to fresh fruits and vegetables, these virtual stores offer ultimate convenience to customers. They are accessible through the Swiggy dark stores that are only available on its website and via its hubs.

Swiggy Genie

Anywhere within your city, you’ll be able to deliver or pick up anything from Swiggy Genie including lunch boxes too to clothes shoe stationery. You can also buy your items from local stores like pharmacies, kirana shops, and so on, which will simplify your everyday routine. You can also opt to have business deliveries when you run your own business. This means that you don’t have to make use of another food delivery company and instead use your favorite application Swiggd.

Technology stack

Let’s look at the different technology tools that can help you create an incredible food delivery application like Swiggy.

How do you make Swiggy make cash?

We will look at the various ways in which food delivery apps such as Swiggy earn money.


The main source of income for a delivery service is advertising. Delivery apps cost restaurants to show advertisements or brief snippets of information about their services. Apart from the fee the placement of the ad’s page of the app is also considered.

Delivery costs

It isn’t easy for restaurants that do not provide delivery services to their customers. By providing the delivery services to these outlets, you could make money.

Price increase

Demand increases during the possibility of rain or other difficulties. Customers could be charged more for a limited menu choice in these situations. An increase in delivery costs can also boost your app’s revenues.

Fixed commission fixed

Every order is charged with a set commission. Swiggy earns money with each order made by a user and allows the two parties to develop an ongoing relationship through this partnership.

Swiggy One

It’s a program by which paying users can enjoy many benefits like free delivery on an unlimited basis and many other benefits.

The cost of Developing a Swiggy App

The price of mobile apps is contingent on the features and functions it offers. A Swiggy-like app could be more expensive or cost less based on the following elements:

  • Amount of platforms that are supported
  • Technology stack
  • The location in which the app is created
  • Integration of payment gateways
  • The size of development teams
  • The complexity of this application

The development of a mobile application for Swiggy starts at just $10,000. Based on your needs and app features the development costs of an on-demand food delivery application could reach up to $35,000. The hourly development cost for us ranges between $50-$100.

For more details contact us. Our company can give you a complete analysis of the total development costs to help you determine if your application is viable.


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