How to Hide Accept Cookies Messages from Websites

How to Hide Accept Cookies Messages from Websites

Are you being bombarded with messages about cookies every time you go on a new website? Yes, you are not alone, after the introduction of GDPR most of the websites start showing the cookie consent message on their webpage. If you trust the site you visit and privacy is not your concern, you can easily Hide Accept Cookies Messages from Websites.

Some of the websites show minimal design to show the message and you’ll still be able to access the majority of the page without accepting cookies. But some websites will no longer give you access without cookie permission as they won’t work as intended without cookies. If you’re tired of seeing the accept cookies messages, you can install an extension called I don’t care about cookies or CookiesOK to Hide Accept Cookies Messages from Websites.

I Don’t Care About Cookies is an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera and removes annoying cookie warnings from almost all websites. You can also Report a cookie warning, so the extension adds the website to the list and makes sure it won’t bother you again. You can also use the Adblock extension on your browser to block cookie consent message from website.

How to Hide Accept Cookies Messages from Websites

Here we share the different methods to block accept cookies message from websites and also share a way to hide Accept Cookies Messages on Android phones.

How to Hide “Accept Cookies Messages” on Windows and Mac

You can use I don’t care about cookies, CookiesOK or AdBlock extensions to block cookies warning message from websites. Once you’ve installed the extension, you won’t see any more accept cookies messages. Check How to Block Accept Cookies Messages from Websites.

Using Browser Extension/Add-on

  1. Download I don’t care about cookies – Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  2. Add the extension to your browser.
  3. Once clicked, a popup appears, click add extension.
  4. The extension requires no configurations. Once you add it will start blocking the cookies consent messages.
  5. You can also add the website to whitelist by click on the extension’s icon next to the URL bar and select options. New Windows appear where you can whitelist a website.
  6. If you are using the Incognito mode, you need to enable the option from manage extension and enable Allow in incognito.

Using Adblock Plus

You can also remove accept cookies message by adding a custom list filter to the AdBlock Plus extension. This will be helpful if you use a browser other than Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Check how to blocks cookie notices on websites automatically using Adblock Plus.

  1. Download and Install AdBlock Plus on your Browser. (If you already has Adblock plus installed, skip this step).
  2. Once Installed, go to I don’t care about cookies website to add the custom filter list to AdBlock plus.
  3. Scroll down and click on Add to Adblock Plus.
  4. A Pop up appears which ask you to add I don’t care about cookies filter list, Click OK.
  5. Done.

adblock cookie filter


How to Block Cookie Warnings on Android and iPhone

Other than PC or laptops, you can also block the cookies warning message on an Android and iPhone. Sadly, mobile versions of Chrome don’t support add-ons, but you can get rid of accept cookies message by using Firefox or Opera on mobile. Check How to Block Cookies Warning on Android and iPhone.

On Firefox:

  1. Download and Install Firefox Browser – For Android, For iPhone
  2. Open the browser and click on the menu option (three dots on top right).
  3. Click Add-ons, then Browse all Firefox Add-ons.
  4. Search I don’t care about cookies and click +Add to Firefox.
  5. A popup appears asking Add I don’t care about cookies?, click Add.
  6. Done! this will block all annoying cookies messages on your mobile.

On Opera:

  1. Download and Install Opera Browser – For Android, For iPhone
  2. Open the browser and click on the menu option (opera icon on the bottom right).
  3. Click on settings and Enable AdBlocking.
  4. Click on AdBlocking option and enable Block Cookie Dialogs.
  5. It will start blocking the cookies warnings without accepting them.
  6. You can also choose the option of automatically accepting the cookies by enabling Automatically Accept Cookie Dialogs.

Wrapping Up:

We share all the possible ways to Hide Accept Cookies Messages from Websites. No matter you use Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone you can always follow above guide to get rid of annoying accept cookies popups. Let me know if you have any queries about the post.


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