Handy Skins: Types of Protective Coverings for Your Smartphone

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Falls, slips, drops, are just some of the many sad things that can happen and cause extreme, sometimes irreparable, damage to your smartphone. This is why protecting your device is extremely important.

Handy smartphone skins are getting more popular and are fast becoming the go-to for most people. You can visit https://www.tfskins.de/ to find out how to get beautiful phone skins for your device.

But there are so many types of protective coverings to use on your device that will protect it from scratching and breaking. Below are some of them and the protections they offer.

1. Rugged Cases

People who are quite clumsy may find it beneficial to invest in a rugged case. A rugged case typically has reinforced corners and air pockets that significantly reduce the damages that can happen to your phone when it falls. Gripping your phone will also be made easier with this covering. You can even hold it properly with your hands wet.
However, cases like these are usually heavy and bulky. While your device may be adequately protected against falls, you may find the added bulk to be quite the hassle. Sliding your phone out and into your pocket can also become an issue. Hence, if you choose to get one of these, investing in a holster or belt clip would be a great idea.

Furthermore, they often tend to cover all the phone’s angles, this includes the buttons as well as some parts of the screen. Therefore, pressing the phone’s buttons may be more difficult, the touchscreen sensitivity can also be reduced.
Conclusively, this protective covering may protect your phone, but using your device will become a lot harder.

2. Basic or Slim Cases

Some people do not like covering their phone’s beautiful designs, especially when the phone is very sleek. Others do not want to have to deal with the extra bulk some protective coverings come with. If you fall under any of these categories, then you may choose to go with a slim case.

If you do, bear in mind that these do not provide as much protection as studier cases. You will be sacrificing adequate protection for style in this case. Your device will still be protected against falls (although minimally) but you can count on it being adequately protected from scratches and stains.
Getting one of these shouldn’t be an issue as there are quite a lot of them available in the market now.

3. Skins

If you fall under the 2nd category mentioned above (you do not want your phone to get too bulky), then another option for you is smartphone skins. Skins are made with vinyl and stick directly on the device. So, they do not make the device heavier, nor do they impede its functionality.

Just like basic cases, they protect your phone from scratches and they might also reduce how often your device falls. Some smartphone skins are made to have extra grip so that your smartphone doesn’t fall from your grip now and again.
Removing them from your device is also quite easy and a good one typically won’t leave any residue when removed. Because you can do this and they are not so expensive, you can choose to change the skin whenever you want.

You can change it to match an occasion like your birthday or wedding, or a season like Christmas and thanksgiving, or even your outfits. This makes it the most stylish alternative to other protective cases.
You can check out this page to read more about it.

4. Folio Cases

Folio cases are stylish as well as pocket-friendly. They protect your device all around, this makes them a perfect choice for people who love to keep their phones in their bags. The level of protection typically varies on how the case is made.

While you can choose to go all out and buy one of these made with real leather, most folio cases widely available are made with PU (polyurethane). PU is commonly called vegan leather, and although it is a good material for smartphone protective cases, it cracks over time and its smell can be quite strong at first.

They usually support your device’s sleep-wake feature. So, typically, once you open your case, your smartphone will come alive and once you close your case, it will sleep. If you are concerned about the case getting opened while in your purse or bag, you have to think well about the closure to opt for.

You have the options of stud, elastic, tab, and magnetic closures. The designs magnetic closures allow are quite stylish. However, they aren’t as sturdy as stud, tab, or elastic closures.

5. Screen Protectors

While cases and skins can protect the body of your smartphone from stains, scratches, and getting broken, they typically don’t do much for the screen. Some bulky cases may even transfer the impact of a fall to the screen.
To prevent this, most people use screen protectors for their devices. A lot of smartphones even come with their screen protectors and even when the protector is due for a change, getting one shouldn’t be an issue as they are widely available.

Screen protectors can protect your device’s touchscreen from cracks and scratches. But sometimes, they may impede on the usability and aesthetics. The aesthetic often gets affected when air bubbles form under the protector during application. While usability can be affected if you do not use the right protector for your device. Therefore, ensure to use a protector made for your device.

To prevent affecting your device’s aesthetics, make sure bubbles do not form while applying the protector on the screen by following the instructions given. Apart from following the instructions, also ensure you take your time and do not rush it.


Your smartphone can fall from your grip and serious damage can be done to it. Even if you are not clumsy and your device hardly falls, it may get scratches from being placed on some surfaces. To avoid any of these, you have to protect your device with any of the protective cases listed in this article.


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