Handy RV Tools You Should Have in Your Vehicle

rv tools for your vehicles

An RV is the perfect vehicle for a family vacation because it allows you to experience the outdoors up close. While sleeping in a comfy bed in your motorhome, you can hear the moose mooing in the forest or enjoy the smell of campfire smoke. You can also use your RV for various outdoor adventures, as it’s cozy and spacious enough to put all your stuff.

Most RVs require a powerful engine and complex systems. As a result, your ride will be comfortable and enjoyable. But it also means that the cost of gas and repairs can add up very quickly. Also, these vehicles can have mechanical problems that can ruin your trip.

During your trip, you can face different vehicle malfunctions and breakdowns. Of course, not every glitch is ‘fatal’ and will ruin your trip. But, if some more complex failures occur, it is best to call a professional for help. On this link, see how to find the best mechanic available. But before you save the mechanic’s phone number, prepare the toolbox for your motorhome.

Safety Gear and Essentials

You should never go without a first aid kit and essential safety gear like gloves. You could use gloves when you do some dirty work around your RV, including fuel, oil, caulk, etc. Gloves should be made of rubber, but it’s even better if you have nitrile ones. They are thicker and more durable.

A multi-purpose means is also handy for your car toolkit. The best example is a utility knife, which is great for cutting small things like ropes, strings, or tape. Another gadget is a Swiss knife. Carry it on your belt, and you have all the tools you need in mini versions – pliers, a screwdriver, and a knife. If you’re handy enough, you can even open the cans with it.

A battery tester is another tool that you should have in your RV. This small device is essential for lead-acid batteries and should be included in your RV’s tool kit. Depending on the RV, you may also need a battery tester to check the voltage if you run into an electrical issue.

Hammer and Rubber Mallet

The hammer is essential not only in your RV but also in the home kit. It has many uses when necessary to drive or remove nails and pins. A handy piece is a claw hammer, with a head sharp on one side and dull on the other. It comes in handy, not just for hammering but also when you need to bend or slacken something. It can even replace a wrench in some cases.

Another hammer-like common type of RV gadget is a rubber mallet. This small and lightweight tool has the same functions as a hammer but is less likely to damage the RV or vehicle. It’s ideal for securing or removing wheel chocks underneath the vehicle’s tires.

So if you have a toolkit in your RV, you should include a hammer/rubber mallet combo. This tool is convenient for camping and offers several uses in an RV. For example, it can drive stakes into the ground or secure tents.


A pair of needle-nose pliers is also essential. The extended version of this gadget is great because it can help you reach tight areas in the RV. You can also get a mini version, which comes in handy when you grip or hold something.
The pointy tops of pliers are also helpful for more delicate jobs like minor electrical failures in your motorhome.

But do these repairs only if you have previous experience and proper safety gear. Even if you have a soft start RV device that start your vehicle with no power spike, be careful. Also, make sure that the plier’s handles are well-insulated.

Set of Screwdrivers

You should have a set of different types of screwdrivers in case one is damaged or needs to be replaced. But you can never carry as many screwdrivers as you need. The entire assortment of these tools doesn’t take much space, but if you know that less is more, you can opt for some multi-purpose tool instead.

Shop around for multi-bits. Look for those that contain as many add-ons as you never know when you might need them. So you’ll always have something to screw, tight, or unscrew in your motorhome. The multi-bit set can be kept in the utility drawer. You can even use a cordless drill with an add-on for changing the tops. That will speed up any job and help with too tighten screws.

Portable Air Compressor

Proper tire inflation is vital for RV safety. You should check your wheels before hitting the road, even when everything seems fine with the wheels. Yet, the tire often punctures due to a bad road or some sharp object you came across. That’s typical trouble when you go on a trip, and it shouldn’t surprise you.

Having a spare wheel and a proper tool will help you quickly get back on the road. An air compressor is essential for inflating the tires on your motorhome. It will be helpful in checking tire pressures and changing a flat. While many gas stations have free air compressors, they are not always available. So you might think of investing in a portable air compressor.

Tips on choosing an air compressor are listed below:

Socket and Ratchet Set

Sockets are a must for any tool kit. You need socket wrenches for tightening nuts and bolts in an RV. In fact, you should always have a good set of these to fix any problem you may encounter on your RV. They will help you stay safe while doing some repairs on the mechanical parts of your vehicle.

An RV acts as a small living space on wheels. As such, you need to take good care of it and maintain it well. You don’t need a mechanic for simple glitches, like replacing a tire or fixing a minor electrical bug. But a proper toolkit is a must. It can save you a lot of trouble, nerves, and money.


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