How ToHow to Get iOS 14 Privacy Indicator Dots on Android Phones

How to Get iOS 14 Privacy Indicator Dots on Android Phones

Recent iOS14 update brings several new features including the new privacy features. The update new indicators in the status bar that shows an app has access to your camera or microphone. A green dot indicates an app is accessing your camera while an orange dot tells you when an app is currently accessing your microphone. These dots are actually informational indicators that help protect your privacy. Currently, this feature is available only on iPhone’s but luckily there is a way to Get iOS 14 Privacy Indicator Dots on Android Phones.

You can get iOS 14’s camera and microphone indicator on Android Phones via a third-party app called Access Dots. This app adds the same iOS 14 style indicators to the top right corner of your screen whenever any third-party app uses your phone’s camera or microphone. Like iOS, an orange indicator signifies mic access, and green is for the camera. The app also brings the feature to change the dot color or size. Check Access Dots features from below.

Access Dots Features

  • Display Access Dots whenever the phone’s camera/microphone is engaged by a third-party App.
  • Maintain an Access Log, which can be accessed from the App’s main settings screen. The Access Log shows when the camera/microphone was accessed, which App was in the foreground at the time of access initiation and how long did the access last.
  • Assign any color to either of the Access Dots.
  • On Android 10+, Access Dots by default sticks beside your camera cutout (if your device has.) You can configure the location of Access Dots to the point of specifying X/Y coordinates.
  • The size of the Access Dots can be adjusted.

How to Get iOS 14 Privacy Indicator Dots on Android Phones

To get iOS 14’s visual camera and microphone indicator to Android phones running Android 7 and later, you need to download and install an app Access Dots. Once installed on your device, you can easily configure the app to show orange and green dots on your device. Check the below steps to Get iOS 14 Privacy Indicator Dots on Android Phones.

  1. Download and Install Access Dots on your device.
  2. Once installed, open the app and switch on the toggle.
  3. It will ask you to enable Access Dots in the Accessibility menu, enable it.
  4. By default, the App is configured to show iOS 14 style colored access dots which is green for camera and orange for microphone access.
  5. You can go to app settings to configure dots color and size.

Wrapping Up:

If you want to get the iOS14 privacy indicator on Android phone then Access Dots is the app for you. It warns you when any app accesses your phone’s camera and microphone. Access Dots can keep a log of when apps use the camera and mic.

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