AndroidHow to Fix App not Installed Error on Android Phone

How to Fix App not Installed Error on Android Phone

Ever witnessed a pop-up message reading ‘Application not installed’? Probably, when you are trying to install or download a .apk file extension App from other App offering sites other than the Google Play Store. Moreover, puts you to watch still till the slow rolling buffer reaches 100%. Yeah, It hurts! but don’t worry we have a solution to Fix App not Installed Error on Android Phone.

As the issue has come out to be very common among Android users, it’s not any more confusing. You need not panic about this error as this is neither a software issue nor a hardware problem. This usually occurs when we try downloading an App which is used by the Android operating system as the file packaging format for the allotment and installation of mobile apps. As the Android Application Package, i.e., .apk is specially designed for Android users, the iOS users are free from this pop-up. Check How to Fix App not Installed Error on Android Phone from below.

How to Fix App not Installed Error on Android Phone

Interrogating the reason behind this error being displayed is important to encounter the root cause of this problem and find a solution to resolve it. There are a number of reasons that end up projecting the error message. Most of these could be because of your faulty actions! Yeah, you heard it right, most of the reasons are an outcome of your unawareness. Check out the reasons and solution to App not Installed Error on Android Phone.

How to Fix App not Installed Error on Android Phone?

Possible Causes and their Solutions –

  • YOUR DEVICE IS RUNNING LOW ON STORAGE! – This is one of the most common reasons which doesn’t allow installation of Apps, which are of larger size than the device’s leftover memory. One must check the maintenance of his android mobile regularly and dispose of the unused Apps from time to time. This extends a lot of the battery life and also helps in the faster working of the mobile. This frees up a lot of storage space and less room for the Apps on your wish-list! You can also delete other storage occupying files, for instance, photos, videos, music files or even the documents which you feel aren’t necessary at the moment.
  • INCORRECT INSTALLATION LOCATION! – It occurs with an alternation in the storage location. This means the certain App which you have tended to download is supposed to be stored only on the internal memory. There are some Apps which can be installed on both internal and external memory. Internal memory is that storage capacity provided with the device. An external storage capacity is applicable only to the Android users, this is, in other words, called a sd card which provides an access memory to the user to enjoy much more storage on his or her mobile. Coming to the error message, this can be resolved by resetting some options back over there in your settings. You need to reset your Device’s app permissions by the following simple steps,
  1. Setting > Apps > All > Menu Key > Reset app permissions or preferences
  2. Application installation location to Automatic.
  3. Now you are all set to enjoy many more new Apps provided by sites other than the Google Play Store.
  • APP PERMISSION ERRORS! – This doesn’t have any right to do solution, but the best option is to wait for a while and give it a try sometime later. Hoping the error to have resolved itself.
  • CORRUPTION OF APP! – This usually arises when you try downloading an App from an unofficial source which may already be corrupted. It could have been a copy obtained from another source. Then it is necessary for you to think twice whether the site offering is trustworthy before letting it into your mobile. If you don’t find the site reliable, then you can switch to the Google Play store, for the same.
  • AN APK SIGNATURE CLASH! – When you attempt to download a file from other sites rather than the Google Play store, the operating system tries to validate the application’s certificate for ensuring that it came from the same developers who own the patents. If this process ends up positively then, the app installs as desired. If there is any negativity or if the certificates don’t match, it results in ‘Application not installed’ message. Ensuring whether the site is a reliable source for downloading Apps will put an end for this discomfort. This is the most common cause and Fix App not Installed Error on Android Phone.
  • CORRUPTED STORAGE ON SD CARD! – This is the reason for most the errors while downloading. If your sd card or device is corrupt by any means then, it denies the installation of any new applications either from the Google Play store or other external sites. This occurs eventually on Android devices. You can format your sd card after transferring all the necessary files to internal storage. The format option is available under the setting options.

This is most common causes and Fix App not Installed Error on Android Phone. If all the above doesn’t seem to work, a simple reboot of the phone may do the trick. You can also try reinserting the battery as we do with all other electronic devices.

A Happy Ending For The Error Message: You are now all set to overcome the error while downloading issue. Albeit, the root cause is more serious and the fix can be more laborious than you imagine, you are at least leftover with options of resolving the issue. If all the other tricks fade away, you are left with wiping your phone as your final resort. Make sure you have copied all your essential information.

Happy installing! 🙂

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