How to Find Nearby EV Charging Stations in India


Over the past few years, we have seen a boom in electric vehicles (EV) across the world. Now, India is witnessing a notable boom in the growth of electric vehicles with major automobile manufacturers are offering EVs across multiple segments. The availability of a charging station, on the other hand, is a critical element that causes hesitancy among potential customers. To make it easier for you, we have listed a few methods to Find Nearby EV Charging Stations in India.

Almost every electric vehicle now comes with an official mobile app or website that directs the user to the closest charging station. Unfortunately, the dedicated app only shows company-specific charging stations; to find all nearby EV charging stations, you’ll need to use a third-party app. Let’s have a look at the best apps and websites that help you locate the nearest electric vehicle charging station.

How to Find Nearby EV Charging Stations in India

Below, is the list of the 5 best apps to find the nearest EV charging stations in India. These apps and websites are free to use and it will make it easier for you to locate electric vehicle charging stations in the country.

1) Google Map

Google Map EV

Google introduced the ability to not only locate charging stations nearby using Google Maps, but it also introduced the ability to see the real-time availability of charging stations near you. In order to find one near you, simply search for “EV Charging Stations” in the app, and Google will show you a list of all the EV charging stations near you, along with their exact address, charging speed, and output power.

Google Maps also provides filters that specify details like working status and plug type for the listed charging stations, making it much easier to find the right one for your vehicle. The feature is available on Google Maps on desktop, Android, iOS, and Android Auto.

2) Tata Power EZ Charge App

Tata Power EZ Charge App

The Tata Power EZ Charge App shows the locations of all nearby Tata Power charging stations and allows users to schedule charging appointments, make payments, bookmark preferred locations, view charging history, view real-time charging status, and select connector types. The app is designed for electric vehicle (EV) owners, fleet EV owners, and taxi EV owners who want to charge at the Tata Power EV Charging Network, which includes EV charge stations in public, residential, and commercial places.

Tata Power has already formed partnerships with companies such as Tata Motors Limited, MG Motors India Limited, Jaguar Land Rover, TVS, and others to establish electric vehicle charging infrastructure for its buyers and dealers. The business intends to build a network of 10,000 charging stations along major routes across the country. The Tata Power EZ Charge mobile app may be used to identify and access charging stations.

3) EV Plugs

EV Plugs

EV Plugs is one of the best apps to locate nearby EV charging stations in India from service providers like Tata Power, EESL, Statiq, Ather, Magenta, and more. The app has 1,000+ verified listings alongside tips for the EV owners on making the most of it while being there

Once you have downloaded the app and given it GPS access, the app will ask you what type of EV charger are you looking for. You can also select the brand, plug type, and vehicle for which you are searching a charging station. Once done, the app shows all the nearby EV charging stations. It also has Google Maps support to navigate you to the station.

4) Statiq


Statiq is another charging station app contributing toward faster EV adoption. It has now operated in 27 cities and has installed 150+ charging stations and growing. The app shows the nearest electric vehicle charging station to the user and lets you book a slot at its charging stations and make payments through the app itself.

You can view a bunch of stats within the app such as real-time status of the charging stations, price per kW, operating hours of various charging stations, and so on. It also provides the unique feature of vehicle-based profiling using booking history.

5) PlugShare


PlugShare is the most accurate and complete public EV charging map available in the world. It has over 400,000 electric car charging stations available worldwide. The app operates worldwide however its charging station database is growing in India as well.

The app lists public stations on a map, powered by your device’s GPS, and delivers directions, so you can find the closest station. You can also plan driving estimates, and also set your own helpful reminders for charging your vehicle.

Wrapping Up:

These are the best mobile apps that provide the best solutions in way of finding suitable charging locations as well as other services related to electric vehicles. If you using a different charging station app for finding charging stations, let us know in the comments. Stay connected with us via Facebook and Twitter to read more such helpful posts.


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