Download HarmonyOS Theme for all Huawei Devices

Download HarmonyOS Theme for all Huawei Devices

Huawei unveiled HarmonyOS 2.0, a new operating system that will replace Android on Huawei’s smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. The new update features robust security control, unlocking new capabilities in cross-device communication, and bringing unique features for all-around greater performance. HarmonyOS has begun to roll out to Chinese customers, but the rest of the world is still waiting. However, you can Download HarmonyOS Theme for your device makeover.

The pre-built HarmonyOS theme is available for all Huawei devices. The theme includes HarmonyOS icons, which are smoother and more attractive than EMUI icons, and new HarmonyOS wallpaper. If you are a Huawei user, then this theme is just right for you. Here we share a direct link to Download HarmonyOS Theme for all Huawei Devices.

Download HarmonyOS Theme for all Huawei Devices

Here we share a link to Download HarmonyOS Theme for all EMUI Devices. This is a ‘.HWT’ theme file that replaces the stock theme file with this new HarmonyOS hwt theme file. You can Download the HarmonyOS stock theme for EMUI Devices from below.

  • Download HarmonyOS Theme 1 – Download
  • Download HarmonyOS Theme 2 – Download

How to Install HarmonyOS Theme on Huawei Devices –

Installing the HarmonyOS theme on Huawei devices are very easy. After downloading the theme from above, you can easily install it with a pre-built theme app. Check how to install HarmonyOS Theme on Huawei Devices from below.

  1. Download HarmonyOS hwt theme file from above.
  2. Now place the .hwt file in File Manager -> Phone -> Huawei -> Themes folder.
  3. Open the theme app and tap on the “Me” tab on the bottom right corner
  4. Tap on the theme you downloaded from above and click the “Apply” button to apply HarmonyOS Theme.
  5. Restart your phone.
  6. Done!

Wrapping Up: Download HarmonyOS Theme

If you want to try HarmonyOS 2.0 look on your phone, then download and enjoy HarmonyOS for Huawei/EMUI devices from above. Have any questions? Do let us know that in the comments below. Stay connected with us via Facebook and Twitter to read more such helpful posts.


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