Download GApps For Android 12 (Android 12 GApps)

Download GApps For Android 12

Google announced Android 12 at Google IO 2021, showcasing a refreshed UI. Android 12 is a much-enhanced version with a slew of new features and improvements. Android 12 Beta and the Android 12 Beta GSI already go live for all Android phones with treble support and custom ROMs for Android 12 will be available soon. In that case, GApps will be required. We’ve included a link to Download GApps For Android 12.

Various developers have already begun developing custom ROMs, and we will soon see custom ROMs running on Android 12. You’ll need the Android 12 GApps if you are going to install custom ROMs based on Android 12.

The Android 12 GApps consists of primary apps from Google Inc including Play Store, Play Services, Gmail, Calendar, Clock, Google Maps, Photos, Drive, YouTube, Digital Wellbeing & more. This article will assist you if you are using an Android 12 custom ROM and are having trouble getting the Android 12 GApps package. Download GApps For Android 12 from below.

Download GApps For Android 12

We’ve included a direct link to Download Android 12 GApps. The GApps for Android 12 is all bundled in a zip file that can be flashed with a custom recovery. To use all of the Google Apps, such as Play Services, Play Store, and Dialer, you must flash the GApps along with the ROM file.

Refer to this guide to download the Latest Android 13 Gapps.

Download Android 12 BiTGApps

Android 12 BiTGApps

BitGapps is a popular package created and maintained by TheHitMan. It provides a minimal GApps package while still allowing you to use Google Services. BitGApps is optimized, tweaked, flawlessly balanced, and completely free of bloatware. BitGApps for Android 12 can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Android 12 NikGapps

Android 12 NikGapps

NikkGapps is a popular package that is created and maintained by Nikhil. NikGapps offers a wide range of packages to suit your needs. NikGapps package comes with a SetupWizard module. You have full control over what you install. You can Download NikGApps for Android 12 from below.

  • Download NikGApps for Android 12 – Download

Download Android 12 Open Gapps

Android 12 Open Gapps

Open GApps for Android 12 are currently not available. However, you can check its official website after some time to check the availability.

  • Download Open GApps for Android 12 – Download

How to Install GApps on Android 12 ROM using TWRP Recovery

First, you need the latest Gapps packages for Android 12. Once you download the right package for your device you can flash it via custom recovery. Check how to install Android 12 GApps on Android.

  1. Download the Android 12 GApps zip file from above.
  2. Boot your phone into recovery mode by turn off your phone and press Vol Down + Power for 5 seconds. (This depends on the model of the phone but this should work on most phones)
  3. Once you are in recovery, select Install and navigate to the folder where you transferred the Gapps file.
  4. Select the Android 12 Google Apps zip file and slide the Swipe to Confirm Flash on the TWRP screen to install the GApps.
  5. After the flashing is complete, restart your phone and set up a Google account.

Wrapping Up: Download Android 12 GApps

This the easiest way to Download GApps For Android 12 and install it on your device. The beauty of GApps is that it lets you choose exactly which Google Apps you want on your phone.

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