How to Disable FLoC in Google Chrome

Disable FLoC in Google Chrome

Google wants FLoC to replace cookies as the primary method of tracking individuals on the internet. Your browser saves these small bits of text and code on your computer or phone, and they allow websites figure out if you’ve visited previously, what your site preferences are, where you are in the world, and more. FLoC introduces technology that enables advertisers to follow users based on cohorts, or groups of people with similar interests. However, there is a way to Disable FLoC in Google Chrome for those who have no interest in it but want to stick with Chrome.

Google benefits from FLoC, while Internet users do not. FLoC was deemed a bad idea by the EFF, owing to the fact that it is neither as private nor as good as Google claims. It works by tracking people’s surfing habits, assigning an ID to the aggregated data, and then grouping browsers with similar habits together. Cohort data is used to present people targeted adverts based on their demographics. If you’re concerned about this new modification and want to disable FLoC on your Chrome browser, follow the steps below.

How to Check If Your Chrome Browser Is Using FLoC

Before opting out, be sure your browser is involved in Google’s experiment. Am I FLoCed? is a website run by the EFF that allows Chrome users to quickly and easily detect if FLoC is active in their browser.

  1. Open online FLoC detection tool.
  2. Click on ‘Check for FLoc ID’ button.check FLoc id
  3. It will show that your browser is currently using FLoc or not.
  4. In my case my browser does not currently have FloC enabled. You can check your Chrome Browser Is Using FLoC before disabling Floc in Google chrome.Check If Your Chrome Browser Is Using FLoC

How to Disable FLoC in Google Chrome

You can easily Disable Privacy Sandbox (FLoC) in Chrome for Android and Desktop. In current versions of Google Chrome, you may alter it from the settings menu; in older versions, it may be hidden behind a Chrome flag. Check how to disable FLoc in chrome for desktop and mobile.

How to Disable FLoC in Google Chrome Desktop

To Opt Out of FLoC in Google Chrome on dektop, you should be running Chrome version 93.0.4528.0 or later. It’s possible that the Google Chrome settings page for turning off FLoC isn’t available on your computer. Because Google has not yet made FLoC available to all users in all areas, this is the case. There is no need to be concerned about this technology if you are unable to reach the FLoC settings. If you don’t see any settings, that means FLoC isn’t working on your computer.

  1. Open the Chrome browser and go to the Settings screen.
  2. Select “Privacy and Security” from the left-hand pane in the Settings screen.Disable FLoC in Google Chrome Desktop
  3. Click the “Cookies and other site data” option on the right-hand side.
  4. Select “Block Third-party Cookies” from the General settings section.Disable FLoC in Google Chrome Desktop
  5. Done, Blocking third-party cookies will disable FLoC on your Chrome browser.

How to Disable FLoC in Google Chrome on Mobile

To disable FLoC in Google Chrome on Android or iPhone, go to chrome setting and turned off privacy sanbox. In Chrome on Android, open the main menu, then go to Settings > Privacy and security > Privacy Sandbox.

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your phone.
  2. Head over to Settings and open the “Privacy and security” section.
  3. Tap on the “Privacy Sandbox” option.
  4. Disable the “Privacy Sandbox trials” toggle.
  5. Done, you have successfully opted out of Chrome’s Privacy sandbox trials.

Wrapping Up: Opt out of Google’s privacy sandbox (FLoC) in Chrome

This is the easiest way to Disable FLoC in Google Chrome. It’s worth noting that the option will sync with your Google account. It means that if you turn off FLoC on one device, it will turn off on all of your other devices as well.

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