AndroidHow to Block Heads Up Notifications While Gaming or Watching Videos

How to Block Heads Up Notifications While Gaming or Watching Videos

Here we share How to Block Heads Up Notifications While Gaming or Watching Videos. Time to time Android updates its features and provides a new experience to its users regularly. However, not all the updates are liked by everyone. One such update is the Head-Up Notifications, which came up with Android 5.0 Lollipop version. Here we are sharing a guide of how to disable notifications while playing games in Android which targeting those users who don’t want to disturb while playing games.

The previous versions had a ticker notification style, where the information scrolls across the notification bar. This meant that you need to pull down the bar every time you receive a notification to know what it was. The update put a stop to that sore process of pulling the bar down overtime you receive an alert. The notification pops out on the screen top
displaying the whole information, thus ending up the routine of pulling the panel. Though this update was a boon to many people, as it allowed to quickly respond to important messages, people who loved using their mobiles for gaming or watching movies found this irritating as the pop-up notification blocked their view. Check below guide How to Block Heads Up Notifications While Gaming or Watching Videos.

How to Block Heads Up Notifications While Gaming or Watching Videos

Some devices like the Galaxy S8/S8+ and the OnePlus 5 have a special mode, named the Gaming Mode, which enables you to block notifications for certain selected apps. However, users of stock Android or other skins are incapable of this feature. So, this article is all about How to Block Heads-Up Notifications While Gaming or Watching a Video.


  • Download TASKER from the Google PlayStore. (Developed by Crafty Apps EU. It costs around $2.99 bucks for a 7-day trial pack.)
  • Later, Download a plugin called SECURETASK from the Google PlayStore. It is available for free and is developed by Macro Stornelli.
  • You may also need to download the USB drivers, depending on your device’s OEM.
  • Download the ADB Binary files based on your platform.
  • Later, Download a software which would help in compressing files and folders. For instance, WinRAR can do the job.
  • Winding it up, you need to Enable Developer Options on your Android device. To do this, you need to tap the Build Number 7 times in succession, which is found in the settings under About the Phone column.

How to Block Heads Up Notifications While Gaming or Watching Videos

The above-mentioned Application, TASKER, is probably the best App that provides any system tweaks which aren’t
provided authentically by Android. This booms up your experience by providing customisation specs beyond
your imagination. Follow below steps to Block Heads Up Notifications While Gaming or watching videos.

  • First head up to the Developer Options and Enable USB DEBUGGING. You need to tap “OK” on the prompted notification.
  • After tapping OK, plug in your phone to your computer. Then extract the ADB Binary Files into a folder. Later, open the extracted folder and hold the Shift Key+right click anywhere on the screen. Click on the Open PowerShell Window here or Open Command Window here option.
  • Type “adb devices” in the command prompt window and hit enter. Tap OK to allow the process in your mobile.
  • Hit enter on your computer by typing “adb devices” in the PowerShell window again.
  • Check if it displays your mobile as an attached device. If not, then you may need to reinstall the drivers.
  • On your Android Device, click on Setting > Accessibility> Tasker. Switch it on to enable Tasker to recognize the app in use.
  • Now, you need to open SecureTask and grant all the required permissions. Now, on your computer, type adb shell” in the same windows PowerShell or Command Prompt window. Later execute the following command: pm grant com.balda.securetask android.permission.WRITE_SECURE
  • On your mobile open Tasker. Now, head towards the profiles tab and tap on the plus icon and choose Application option.
  • You can select the ones for which you need to block the heads-up notification. Later you need to tap on New Task when you move back to the profiles tab.
  • You can now name it or either skip the step and tap on the tick mark. Again click on the plus icon and select action category list > Plugin > Secure Task > Secure Settings.
  • Tap on the edit icon in a configuration in the Action edit page. This might lead to a warning, you can ignore it and click OK.
  • You will now be directed to a configuration page for SecureTask. Now change the Action to Write. Now replace the new value column as 0 and type the following in Setting “global heads_up_notification_enabled”
  • After saving this go back to the main screen of tasker, under the Profiles tab, long press the text written on the right-hand side of the green arrow.
  • Later tap on the “Add Exit Task” and tap on the check mark.
  • Now repeat the previous steps, except entering 1 in the new value instead of 0. Save this and move to the main screen of the TASKER.

This the easiest way to Block Heads Up Notifications While Gaming or watching videos. Now you are all set to experience a pop-up free video or gaming mode. Whenever you open the App for which you have blocked the notifications, the pop-ups are automatically rejected and are enabled once you exit the App. You can change this anytime by removing the app from the created profile.


You may have probably experienced how irritating it feels when receiving notifications every time you are indulged in a gaming or video app. However, your phone doesn’t provide you options to disable notifications for certain apps. The option is available to block the pop-up completely. But now, we have the solution to have an uninterrupted gaming experience! So, what are you waiting for? Follow the above tutorial and get rid of the pop-up notifications while playing Games and for Video Apps.


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