7 Best Recipe and Cooking Apps for Android

Best Recipe and Cooking Apps for Android

Cooking has long been a popular pastime for many people, as well as a source of calming and enjoyable entertainment. For some, it’s also an enhancer of mood and stress. It has been one of the humans’ interests since the beginning of their creation and has always been improvedGood cuisine can be fun to cook and good food always helps you feel better. See the Best Recipe Apps and Cooking Apps for Android for some great recipes.

Cooking is the most satisfying activity that really explores our artistic skills. Some sort of guidance is required for every task, and cooking is no exception. We can do this by using laptops or smartphones to look at any recipe. Step-by-step guidance is very important so as to see that whether we are cooking properly or not. For mastering one’s cooking skills, some of the best apps to learn cooking are as follows: 

Best Recipe and Cooking Apps for Android

Good food can make you happy, and selecting the best meal cooking app is vital for quickly filling your stomach. There are a number of applications available that can help us enhance your cooking skills. Here are the best Recipe Apps and Cooking Apps for Android!.

1) Chef Tap

Chef Tap

Chef Tap is one of the best recipe apps for Android. It’s a well-organized and user-friendly app with a limitless number of recipes. It is a powerful recipe clipper as it can automatically clip the recipes from any website. You may save up to 100 recipes and use the majority of the features with the free account.

It’s a week’s worth of meals, thus it’s a meal planner. Tags, favorites, searching, and sorting makes it simple for users to find recipes. You can come up with new menus for cuisines that you usually prepare. There is a feature in a grocery list that automatically categorizes the goods. A pantry organizer makes it easier to keep track of what you have on hand.

Chef Tap Features:

  • It clips recipes from any website.
  • Plans the meals and leftovers.
  • Internet connection is not required to view the recipes, menus, grocery lists, and meal plans.
  • Edit any recipe on your device.
  • Creation of tags like Vegetarian, snacks, Main course helps in an organization.
  • Smart shopping lists that automatically create grocery lists from your recipes, menus, and meal plan.

Download Chef Tap App

2) Archana’s Kitchen

Archana’s Kitchen is India’s most trusted and popular recipe and food discovery app, featuring easy-to-follow recipes, videos, meal planning ideas, and lunchbox inspiration, as well as advice on healthy eating, nutrition, and fitness.

It features a wide variety of Indian cuisines and more. The recipes are are easy to understand with focus on local ingredients, healthy cooking techniques, and step-by-step recipe instructions to make cooking more accessible to everyone. With this app you can learn to make North Indian, South Indian dishes, or Gujarati dishes and snacks. It is one of the best cooking apps for Indian user.

Archana’s Kitchen Features:

  • Fresh new recipes added every day
  • It provide recipe videos with step by step instructions.
  • Offer detailed Weekly Meal plans from Monday to Sunday with complete meal ideas.
  • Ability to “Save” a recipe for offline viewing without internet connection.
  • It provide detailed description of the recipe, including which cuisine, diet and recipe preparation time.

Download Archana’s Kitchen App

3) Cookpad


Cookpad is the best app for home chefs, home cooks, food lovers, and cooking experts. It is the world’s largest online recipe-sharing platform that provides step-by-step guidance which helps people to learn cooking in a fun-loving way. It is user-friendly and makes searching and sharing extremely simple for its users. It is available for both Android and iPhone users. You can easily share and publish the recipes on the Cookpad app.

Cookpad App encourages people who love to cook by sharing and promoting their recipes on the website, app, social media so that it reaches everyone. It helps to connect with other foodies, ask questions and allows them to share photos of the dishes with each other. Cookpad gives access to over 5,00,000 recipes in 6 different languages.

Cookpad Features:

  • It helps to save and store all the recipes digitally in one place.
  • Sharing Cooking tips is possible here with the Cookpad Community.
  • Following of other home cook chefs so as to enhance cooking skills.
  • Storing and saving all the recipes digitally is possible in one place.
  • Users can comment or like the shared recipes.

Download Cookpad App

4) Hebbars kitchen

Hebbars kitchen

Hebbar’s Kitchen is a popular Indian vegetarian cooking app, YouTube channel, and blog that features a large selection of Indian sweets, breakfast, snacks, curry, and sabzi recipes. This indian food recipe app will provide step-by-step photo recipes with a brief short video. With a stunning background score, these videos adapt to your mobile device.

Hebbar’s Kitchen specialises in quick and easy meals, especially south Indian breakfasts and various Indian snacks and curry dishes. It can also assist you in preparing traditional and quick dishes using simple ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen.

Hebbars kitchen Features:

  • New recipes added frequently and you will get notify for every new recipe posted.
  • Most of the recipes are with brief and well-presented videos and step-by-step photos.
  • It provide brief description about the recipe, along with detailed ingredients list and step by instruction.
  • Browse through the menu via recent posts, recipe categories, courses, cuisines and even recipe time & complexity.
  • You can share your favourite recipes with your friends via messages, whatsapp, email or any social networking sites.

Download Hebbars kitchen App

5) Yummly


It is one of the most popular cooking apps for Android that offers personalized guidance at every step of cooking. It includes endless recipes with video tutorials and step-by-step user-friendly instructions to make learning a breeze. It provides personalized assistance according to a person’s taste, diet, allergies, and preferences and shares the recipes accordingly. It makes it easier to collect, save, and organize recipes in the Favorites section.

Currently, the app has thousands of recipes that will surely help you in your cooking. Yummly is accessible through its website, or you can download it for iOS and Android devices.


  • Step by step guidance with video tutorials is provided to learn quickly.
  • Collection, organization, and saving of recipes is possible under tag favorites.
  • Personal assistance in terms of recipes is shared according to tastes, allergies, preferences keeping into consideration the health and fitness of the people.
  • An exciting and unique feature of the filter helps in searching the recipes according to cuisines, nutritional requirements like calories, fat, and cholesterol, etc, cooking time, method, and more.
  • Schedules the recipe to the exact time a person wants to eat and it is added to the calendar. A gentle reminder is also sent at the time of cooking to avoid any delay.
  • Voice commands to provide step-by-step guidance to keep the screen clean. 

Download Yummly App

6) Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories

With Kitchen stories, anyone can cook. This app is available free of cost for everyone. It provides thousands of free recipes and HD video tutorials about cooking for people to understand and learn about the delicious recipes in depth. It allows learners to share their recipes with other people who are connected to them in order to boost their learning.

It offers multiple recipes according to the tastes, preferences, and nutritional requirements of users. A variety of vegetarian, low calorie, vegan recipes is available on this app keeping in view the health of the people.


  • The opportunity to share the recipes helps to encourage the learners.
  • Option of clicking the photos of each step in the process.
  • Setting up of personal profile and saving the favorite recipes option is available under personalized Cookbook.
  • The Cooking Mode feature helps to learn the recipes step by step without any mistake.

Download Kitchen Stories App

7) Tasty


Tasty Recipes is one of Facebook’s most popular recipe pages. It delivers excellent step-by-step instructions while keeping your phone’s screen active. Their app allows you to access those recipes more quickly and easily.

You will get recommendations for your next meal based on the time of day, day of the week, and major holidays. It features sections for easier discovery and allows you to watch movies and search for recipes.


  • Step-by-step instructions on how to cook every single recipe while keeping your phone screen awake.
  • Get recommendations for your next meal based on the time of day, day of the week, and major holidays.
  • Search recipes by social plans, ingredients, dietary needs, difficulty, speed, cuisine, and more.
  • Add recipes to your Tasty likes to save them for later.

Download Tasty App

Wrapping Up: Best Apps to Learn Cooking

These are some of the best apps to learn cooking and most of the recipe apps listed above include instructional videos and professional suggestions. These are some of the Best Recipe and Cooking Apps for Android that adds a new flavor to your life with delicious dishes.

Have any questions? Do let us know that in the comments below. Stay connected with us via Facebook and Twitter to read more such helpful posts.


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