5 Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps for Android

Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps for Android

A baby changes it all, from the moment you realize that you are pregnant. Fighting morning sickness, scheduling visits to a doctor, keeping track of your vitamins. It’s not easy to navigate pregnancy. Women can often feel totally frustrated from morning sickness to fatigue and all other unknowns of pregnancy. Fortunately, expecting mothers can use these Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps for Android to access health information and keep track of their progress.

These pregnancy tracking apps can be entertaining and useful but they are not a replacement for professional medical advice. You should never rely on an app instead of your doctor to address your medical questions.

5 Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps for Android

There’s something for every expecting parent, from pregnancy-safe fitness videos to symptom trackers to baby-name generators. Below are the 5 best pregnancy apps that will help expecting mothers to track the growth of their baby and at the same time will be able to take care of their health too. 

1) Pregnancy + Tracker

Pregnancy + Tracker

It is one of the most popular pregnancy app for Android developed by Philips. Pregnancy+ features expert advice, daily blog articles, mother care tips and interactive 3D models so you can track your baby’s development. The list contains a weekly guide, daily information of a pregnancy, a kick counter, a contraction timer, a weight register, a bag preparation tool for hospitals and even an inspiration directory of baby names. 

This app is helpful for keeping a track of the pregnancy during each trimester. While signing up for this app, if the user enters the correct or approximate due date, it will allow the app to track the user’s pregnancy more accurately. It also allows you to keep a check on your appointments as well as other important factors like weight.


  • Interactive 3d Models Showing Your Baby’s Development (from Blastocyst to Fetus to Baby).
  • Detailed Pregnancy Week by Week Guides Telling You What to Expect in Each Week of Pregnancy
  • It provides daily information about pregnancy, pregnancy weight log, contraction time, kick counter. 
  • Hospital tool bag helps to pack all the essential items during the third trimester.

2) GLOW Pregnancy and Baby Tracker + Baby Registry App

GLOW Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

It is a great pregnancy tracker app that provides you information about everything that a pregnant lady needs to know during her pregnancy including daily updates on baby size, baby development etc. 

A unique feature of this app is “Scoop of the day section”, that allows you to read all about your exact stage in pregnancy.

The app also has a community of pregnant ladies, where mothers and expected mothers can meet. You can discuss your experiences, ask for advice or give an insight into what other moms are experiencing. You can customize your settings to view articles in certain categories, such as mother clubs, health and health, entertainment and mental health.

One of the best characteristics of the app is the ability to register your own baby. Products from across the Internet including Amazon, Phillips, Dove and more can be added. If you have one existing elsewhere in the GLOW app, you can even transfer your registry.


  • It provides customization to the users to help in every stage of pregnancy.
  • 1500 + articles about what to expect of baby bump and baby countdown.
  • Informative charts help to track baby growth and development milestone during pregnancy.
  • Reminders for your due date, appointments, medication, and many more things about pregnancy.
  • Get support, tips, and advice of pregnancy, maternity, due date countdown, from the vibrant and knowledgeable Glow Community

3) The Bump – Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

The Bump

This app gives you really cool 3D image of your developing baby each week, plus the ability to ask questions and get real-time answers from The Bump staff, a team of experts, and other moms.

This easy-to-use application provides mums with helpful and practical information and updates on the development of their baby from your pregnancy trip to the very end.

The Bump provides trustworthy and comprehensive information supported by experts and science. Decode symptoms of pregnancy and get updates on the development of the baby.


  • Planner feature – Stay informed with this game-changing feature about all important prenatal visits. Planner+ proposes your doctor’s questions and integrates appointments into the iOS calendar seamlessly.
  • Daily content – Pregnancy and parenting editorial articles can be viewed on a daily basis.
  • Inside the bump- Explore the exciting, exclusive, week-by-week 3D interactive viewing of baby growth with proprietary technology from Bio Digital Inc. Learn new biological facts about your baby during pregnancy and changes in your body.
  • Baby Names: Search tools can be used to find both baby boy and baby girl names and also give ideas about very uncommon baby names.

4) Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy Week by Week

This app is very useful for pregnant ladies. As the weeks and months of your pregnancy passes, this app helps to learn the changes appearing in your body and child. This app will give you daily updates about your pregnancy showing you comparative changes how your baby is going.

The app offers some other beneficial features on top of tracking, including a Braxton Hicks contractions tracker, and a tracker for your own body weight through your pregnancy. Even when you are just a few weeks pregnant, the app will also give you approximate baby length and width. It informs you of important phases such as the end of each quarter, and the development of your little one from embryo to foetus.


  • Pregnancy can be tracked week by week.
  • It helps the users with the valuable information about their baby.
    Helps to calculate the current week of pregnancy and due date of pregnancy.
  • Keeps a track of your weight and baby kicks.

5) Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

It is all in one pregnancy app and baby growth tracker. As the other apps listed above, Ovia can help you track your pregnancy and keep you informed of how far you are and in which trimester. But as an expecting mother, this app focuses more on your own health.

Ovia Pregnancy is a pregnancy tracker, baby development calendar, due date countdown, baby bump tracker, and much more. It provides a personalized experience with weekly articles for your pregnancy and baby stage. Including baby tracker, baby names, baby countdown, registry checklists, hospital bag lists, and other fun items!


  • Due date calculator: Helps to visualise your pregnancy and the countdown to your baby. Pregnancy Tracker and baby development calendar helps you what to expect during your pregnancy based on baby’s due date.
  • Comprehensive Tracker: Track your health (symptoms, mood, sleep, activity, weight, blood pressure and nutrition), appointments, pregnancy milestones (like baby’s first kick!), and baby bump photos in your calendar. 
  • Symptom Tracking: Log your symptoms and overall health with our health tracker. Understand of your symptoms, moods, general wellbeing, pregnancy plus.
  • Daily Articles: Every day of your pregnancy, new content to keep you up to date with every step of the way (breastfeeding, twins, pregnancy plus more).
  • Community and Support: Ask and answer questions anonymously in Community, and receive support from other users.

Wrapping Up: Best Pregnancy Apps

Pregnancy is a difficult and emotional journey and although there is nothing to make it stress-free, these applications can help you keep up with everything and track your own journey. Who knows that these Pregnancy Tracker apps can even help you to learn about yourself as a mother!

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